Getting More: Negotiating in the Real World

Never before have persuasion skills been more important than in today’s perilous health and economic climate. Your job, company, family, finances, health and perhaps even your life depend more than ever on your ability to negotiate with the many parties that can help or hurt your ability to make it through. As negotiation underlies every human interaction, conscious or not, verbal or not, these skills are critical.
We are pleased to offer the skills of one of the world’s leading negotiation experts to show you the way to do better, now and in the future. Professor Stuart Diamond of top-rated Wharton Business School has developed a process that shows you how to make better alliances, solve more problems, reduce conflict and get more in all of your efforts. That includes keeping your job or getting a new one, solving family issues, negotiating with the providers of food and medicine and just getting through the day.
Prof. Diamond’s course has been the most sought-after at Wharton over 20 years. His model has helped Google bring in $6 billion more; it has solved family crises, gained more resources for individuals and companies in situations large and small and provided real, practical ways to survive and flourish. It has been used at Morgan Stanley, NY Presbyterian Hospital (largest in U.S.), Johnson & Johnson and by thousands of entrepreneurs. “Our best investment of the year,” said Rhys Dekle, director of Microsoft Games. “The most important class I’ve ever taken,” said Shanan Bentley, senior vice president of Citibank.
The course is very different from traditional negotiation. Instead of focusing on power, leverage and logic, it teaches how to better use emotional intelligence, perceptions and cultural diversity. In other words, how to make better human connections and more collaboration in a time when this is sorely needed. And it produces four times as much value as the traditional, conflictive way.
His Getting More book, a New York Times bestseller, has been described by as the best negotiation book “of all time,” by The Wall Street Journal’s career site as “the #1 book to read for your career,” and by Amazon and Business Insider as one of 25 books to read for success and leadership in one’s life. It has sold more than 1.5 million copies in 27 languages. U.S. Special Operations Command says the model “saves lives” by finding persuadable people on the other side. Prof. Diamond has trained more than 5,000 Special Ops warriors, including the SEAL teams.
We will offer Prof. Diamond and his course by remote, to individuals and families in their homes, in keeping with today’s times. It will be interactive and you will also get the chance to ask him questions, live, about how to solve the problems you face. Like more than 40,000 people in 60 countries, you will get more by using better tools than the poor tactics that have made the coronavirus worse in so many places.
The courses are inexpensive and accessible. It is something you can do for yourself and your family to make real improvements while quarantined in your house or dealing with those who are. From medical workers to tech experts, to parents and children, managers and executives, and people from all walks of life, these new and better tools can help you now. Your entire family can participate, as well as your colleagues and friends.
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Stuart Diamond’s work has been used by everyone from country presidents to school children to entrepreneurs and professionals from all walks of life. In addition to his teaching and books, he has headed a listed Wall Street tech company, a medical services company, an airline, an energy futures company, an agricultural firm and others. He has advised on major and minor deals, and mediated family disputes. He’s worked for the United Nations and World Bank. Prof. Diamond has a law degree from Harvard, an MBA from Wharton and in a previous career won a Pulitzer Prize covering technology for The New York Times.


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