PREP Course Sequence

The Professional Readiness Engagement Program includes three career portfolio courses that are required for business majors. The courses are designed to expose students to workplace norms and to develop professional attitudes and behaviors. The courses are designed to be taken in sequence one per year: freshmen year, sophomore year, then junior year.

Professional Readiness Engagement Program - PREP Credit Hours
Requirements: 6
Area I - Course Sequence   3
BUS 101 Professional Experience I 1 hrs 1
BUS 201 Professional Experience II 1 hrs 1
BUS 301 Professional Experience II 1 hrs. 1
*BUS 302 Professional Experience IV (transfers only) 3 hrs. 3
Courses must be taken in sequence.    
Area II - Internship or Experiential Learning Project(s)   3
ACC 496, MGT 496, MKT 496, ECO 496, FIN 496 3 hrs 3
Students are required to pass one (3 credit) internship or project towards the graduation requirement. Students may take up to two internships for credit towards the graduation requirement. Students must receive approval from major department chair for internship site.  

* Transfer students enroll in BUS 302 Professional Experience IV

PREP Course Content

▼   BUS101 Professional Experience I 
  • Personality assessment & career alignment

  • Informational Interviews

  • Personal Branding

  • Resumes & cover letters

▼   BUS 201 Professional Experience II 
  • Professional Image

  • Networking

  • Interviewing

  • Shadowing

  • Mentoring

▼   BUS 301 Professional Experience III 
  • Job Search 

  • Internship selection & application

  • Networking & Dining etiquette

  • Emotional intelligence & more


PREP students will build a career portfolio in the BUS 101 course that includes a business networking card, resume, cover and thank you letter, reference list, and a career plan. The subsequent courses will refine and polish the portfolios built in the first course of the sequence.