2021 Colorguard Auditions

Colorguard at Pregame.

Do you want to audition for the Jaguar Colorguard? Follow these five easy steps!

Step 1 - Apply to USA!

You must be fully admitted to the University of South Alabama in order to audition for the Jaguar Marching Band

Membership in the Jaguar Colorguard is open by audition to all full-time students at the University of South Alabama.  If you have already been accepted to the University of South Alabama, you may skip this step!




Step 2 - Fill out the JMB Intent Form!

To register for your Jaguar Marching Band Colorguard audition, you must fill out the JMB Intent Form PRIOR to submitting your video audition.  The JMB Intent Form can be found HERE.


Step 3 - Get Prepared and Learn the Audition Routine!

Watch this video from Mrs. Marsha Foster, the Director of the Jaguar Colorguard as she explains the audition process!

Jaguar Colorguard Audition Process

Colorguard Flag Audition Instructional/Audition Video (Primary Audition Video)

Rifle Audition Instructional/Audition Video (Secondary Audition Video - Optional, ONLY for weapon auditions)

The music and reference recordings needed for your audition can be found below:

Glass Party  (needed for the Flag Audition)

If you have any questions about the audition or the routine please email: usaguard@southalabama.edu


Step 4 - Submit your Video Audition for the Jaguar Colorguard!

Due to the on-going COVID-19 outbreak and for the safety of all auditionees we will continue to have all Jaguar Colorguard auditions in an online video submission format for Fall 2021 admission.  

All Jaguar Colorguard video auditions will be evaluated beginning on March 27, 2021.  In order for you to be considered for the Fall 2021 Jaguar Colorguard, you must submit your video by 11:59pm on March 26, 2021.  We will evaluate your audition video and we will post the results on the Jaguar Colorguard website as well as notify you by email (both your JagMail and your personal email).  Students must be accepted to the University of South Alabama prior to the awarding of a Jaguar Marching Band scholarship.


Please note that when you submit your JMB Colorguard auditions you will need to submit body measurements so that we can order uniforms.  You will need the following measurements: height, weight, chest, waist, hips, inseam, girth, and back.  For help figuring out how to properly take these measurements please refer to this guide: Colorguard Measuring Guide


Jaguar Marching Band Colorguard Video Audition Submission


Step 5 - Fill out JagSpot for Scholarship Consideration

JagSpotAll students who are accepted into the Jaguar Marching Band receive a scholarship!  In order to award your scholarship after your audition you will need to apply in the JagSpot Scholarship System.  

When submitting your general scholarship application please click "yes" to the question regarding the USA Department of Music/Jaguar Marching Band. This will then move you to the Department of Music/Jaguar Marching Band JagSpot Application. Please fill out this short application completely. Once you have submitted this information you will be eligible for your Jaguar Marching Band Scholarship.