Fall 2019 Concert Band Audition Results

Posted on August 20, 2019 by Dr. William H. Petersen
Dr. William H. Petersen

USA Wind Ensemble Spring 2019 data-lightbox='featured'
USA Wind Ensemble - Spring 2019

Auditions for the USA Wind Ensemble and USA Symphony Band occurred over the past two days as fall semester classes commence at the University of South Alabama.  We are excited at the quality and number of auditions and look forward to performances of both groups.  Congratulations to all who auditioned!

The USA Wind Ensemble, conducted by Dr. William H. Petersen, will hold its first rehearsal on Friday, August 23rd at 11:15AM in the Laidlaw Performing Arts Center Rehearsal Hall.  The USA Symphony Band, conducted by Dr. Jason F. Rinehart, will hold its first rehearsal on Thursday, August 22nd at 11:00AM in the Laidlaw Rehearsal Hall.

Students should make sure they are enrolled in the correct course (Wind Ensemble - MUO127/427 for either .5 or 1 credit, or Symphony Band - MUO117/417 for .5 or 1 credit) prior to the end of Drop/Add.

Wind Ensemble folders will be available for pickup on Thursday in the Department of Music Office after 12PM.  Symphony Band folders and music will be passed out prior to the first rehearsal on Thursday.

USA Wind Ensemble
Fall 2019
William H. Petersen, conductor 

Rebecca Reinhardt, principal
Maria Lawrence
Hanna Ardrey
Victoria French

Jessica Mandel, principal
Haley Turner
Michele Perry

Gunnar Nelson
Steven Overlaur

Alex Linton, principal/Eb
Erika Horne
Allie Randall
Will Lantz
Dakota Bilbrey
Sarah Wilson
Jenaya Simon, utility

Bass Clarinet
Gail Lyons
Jenaya Simon (as required)

Israel Valenzuela, principal - alto
Tucker Hernandez, alto
Bryce Baggett, tenor
Jonathan Cowan, baritone

Trumpet (Alphabetical-Rotating)
Michael Baxter
Tyler Butler
Dillon Franklin
Jaleel Hughes
Jacobe Ramsey
Cameron Sansing
Ethan Walsh

Emma Brown, principal
Bethany Driggers
Teagan Pierce
Catherine Power

Destiny Miskel, principal
Josh Walker
Juan Carlos Mata
Frank Badners, bass

Christopher Wren, principal
Noah Barnett
Greg Wheat

Dalton Horne, principal
Tim Taldon
Micheal Williams

Trevor Perez, principal
Kevin Newsome
Christian Mixson
Ian Goecke
Jared Messinger


USA Symphony Band
Fall 2019
Jason F. Rinehart, conductor


Rebecca Bates, principal
Marlo Daniels
Amanda Gooch
Kyara Lewis
Randy Le

Cameron Swann
MaKhala Hollingsworth 

Gail Lyons, principal
Will Lantz
Cheyenne Higgs
Patricia Langham
Claire Cazalas
Ashlyn Heaton

Bass Clarinet
Jenaya Simon

Holly Bowman

Alto Sax
Connor Daley, principal
Blake Bodie

Tenor Sax

Bari Sax
Reagan Bonner 

Brett Fabacher, principal
Kyle Brookins
Abigail McKinney
Jake Reosti
Jade Slater
Nicholas LuGrain
Tanner Madden
Austin Allen
Zach Nelson

Grant Skinner
Ashley Santo
Elisa Trejo

Brandon Bodie
Joshua Walker
Joseph Edmonds

Bass Trombone
Nicholas Herboso

Trevor Sullivan-Maze
Brandt Meinhardt
Jeremy Perryman

Wesley Crosby
Kenneth Galloway
Darrien Coleman

Aayush Patel - Principal
Sarah Thomas
Kelton Shirley
Cassidy Wallace
Kindall Calhoun
Tyler Scott 

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