Professional Liability Insurance

Among the requirements for admission to Teacher Education Candidacy in USA’s College of Education is proof of professional liability insurance. While professional liability insurance may be purchased from a variety of vendors, the simplest way to obtain coverage is through the National Education Association (NEA).

Professional Liability Insurance Registration (Updated 4-7-21)

  • The registration fee is still being waived by the Alabama chapter of the NEA (as of 4-7-21). Students should not pay a fee.
    • If students pay a registration fee they will not be issued a refund. 
  • If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact Stephanie Darst at 251-380-2736.

You must provide a copy of your registration (whether you join online or via mail) as proof that you have liability insurance. You will need to provide this documentation to the Advising Center or the Office of Student Services when you are applying for admission to teacher candidacy. You will also need to provide this documentation to the Office of Field Services when you are applying for student teaching. Remember that annual membership for NEA begins September 1st and ends August 31st. You are responsible for maintaining your membership in order to provide documentation of professional liability insurance for both teacher candidacy and student teaching purposes.