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Articles from 2011:
Iowa Caucus Polling System Threatened By Hackers ( Fox News 12/19/2011 )
Carrier IQ: What it is, what it isn't, and what you need to know ( 12/01/2011 )
Hackers Blow Up Illinois Water Utility…or Not ( Techland 11/28/2011 )
Red Tape - Exclusive: Millions of printers open to devastating hack attack, researchers say ( MSNBC 11/29/2011 )
Fighting Crime With Digital DNA (FOX News Network, LLC 11/18/2011)
Cyber Intrusion Blamed for Hardware Failure at Water Utility (Krebs on Security)
Secure Android Kernel Could Make for 'Classified' Smart Phones (Government Computer News 10/13/2011)
National Cyber Security Awareness Month (Homeland Security 10/2011)
Georgia Tech Releases Cyber Threats Forecast for 2012 (Georgia Tech News 10/11/2011)
Founding Father Wants Secure 'Internet 2' (Financial Times 10/11/2011)
Obama Establishes Insider Threat Task Force (Government Information Security Articles 10/11/2011 )
Computer virus hits US Predator and Reaper drone fleet ( 10/7/2011)
Internet Risks Will Drive Users Offline, Researcher Predicts (Government Computer News 10/3/2011)
Malware burrows deep into computer BIOS to escape AV: Mebromi rootkit also targets master boot record (The Register 9/14/2011)
Hacking Targets Multiply ( Wall Street Journal 9/9/2011 )
Ten Years After 9/11, Cyber Attacks Pose National Threat, Committee Says ( Computerworld 9/7/2011 )
The Next Wave of Botnets Could Descend From the Skies ( Technology Review 9/7/2011 )
Mediocre Hackers Can Cause Major Damage (Washington Times 8/16/2011)
It's All About the Team for Research in Ubiquitous Secure Technology (National Science Foundation 8/11/2011)
Creating Ag Extension Agent for Cyber ( 8/10/2011)
Threat of destructive coding on foreign-manufactured technology is real ( 7/6/2011)
Former CIA Director: Build a new Internet to improve cybersecurity ( 7/6/2011)
Lessons from Estonia: Preparing for a major cyberattack( 7/6/2011)

2011 Second Quarter Articles:

U.S. to Provide Guidelines to Bolster Computer Security (New York Times 6/26/2011)
Software Cracks: A Great Way to Infect Your PC (Krebs on Security 6/20/2011)
Microsoft Patches Fix 34 Security Flaws (Krebs on Security 6/15/2011)
Most Malware Tied to 'Pay-Per-Install' Market (Technology Review 6/9/2011)
CYBERSECURITY, INNOVATION AND THE INTERNET ECONOMY (The Department of Commerce Internet Policy Task Force 6/2011)
Pay-Per-Install a Major Source of Badness (Krebs On Security 6/2011)
Analysis: The hidden cost of cybercrime (CNN 6/7/2011)
Pentagon to Consider Cyberattacks Acts of War (New York Times 5/31/2011)
Pentagon: Cyber Attacks Can Count as Act of War (The Wall Street Journal 5/31/2011)
Stanford Computer Scientists Find Internet Security Flaw (Stanford Report 5/23/2011)
Homemade Cyberweapon Worries Federal Officials (Washington Times 5/24/2011)
Researchers show Android devices susceptible to eavesdropping ( 5/18/2011)
Launching the U.S. International Strategy for Cyberspace (The White House Blog 5/16/2011)
Microsoft: One in 14 downloads is malicious (Computerworld 5/17/2011)

White House Wants Tougher Penalties for Computer Breaches (New York Times 5/11/2011)
The Botnets That Won't Die (Technology Review 4/21/2011)
Highway Robbery: Car Computer Controls Could Be Vulnerable to Hackers (Scientific American 4/20/2011)
Simple Arithmetic for Faster, More Secure Websites (AlphaGalileo 4/7/2011)
An Attack Sheds Light on Internet Security Holes (New York Times 4/6/2011)
Net Boffins Plot Password Alternatives (The Register 4/4/2011)
Cyber attackers have the edge, experts admit ( 4/1/2011)

2011 First Quarter Results:

Amazon, Others Make Fixes After IU Informaticists Uncover Online Security Flaws, Receive Free Products (Indiana University 3/30/2011)
Virtual War a Real Threat (Los Angeles Times 3/28/2011)
Researchers Devise New Method of Detecting Botnets (Texas A&M Engineering News 3/24/2011)
Cyber Security Summit Signs UK-US University Deal (BBC News 3/24/2011)
Warning on GPS Jamming Threats (University of New South Wales 3/11/2011)
Spotting Virtual Intruders (Technology Review 3/9/2011)
The New Cyber Arms Race (Christian Science Monitor 3/7/2011)
Security and Privacy Issues in the PDF Document Format (Universidad Politecnica de Madrid Spain 2/17/2011)
The Cyberweapon That Could Take Down the Internet (New Scientist 2/11/2011)
Intel Chief Warns of Threat From Iran, Cybercrime at House Hearing ( 2/10/2011)
What Is the Best Way to Protect U.S. Critical Infrastructure From a Cyber Attack? (Scientific American 2/4/2011)
DARPA Seeks Security Expertise From a Nontraditional Source: the Hacker Community ( 2/4/2011)
National Competition Puts High Schoolers to the Cyber Warrior Test (Government Computer News 1/31/2011)
Hardware, Software Advances Help Protect Operating Systems From Attack (NCSU News 1/26/2011)
Giving Hackers a Printed Invitation (Technology Review 1/21/2011)
Securing the Cloud (University of Texas at Austin 1/20/2011)
Converting 2-D Photo Into 3-D Face for Security Applications and Forensics ( 1/19/2011)
Researchers Turn USB Cable Into Attack Tool (CNet 1/19/2011)
Unhackable Data in a Box of Bacteria: Future of InfoSec? (Computerworld 1/18/2011)
International Cybersecurity Treaty Might Not Be Achievable, Report Says ( 1/11/2011)
Obama Eyeing Internet ID for Americans ( 1/7/2011)
And Then There Were Five: Finalists Advance in NIST's SHA-3 Cryptography Competition (NIST News 1/5/2011)
Cybersecurity Civil Servants: OPM to Create Cyber Career Track ( 1/3/2011)

2010 Fourth Quarter Articles:

Rules of Engagement for Cyberwars See Slow Progress (Financial Times 12/29/2010)
DARPA Goal for Cybersecurity: Change the Game (DVIDS 12/20/2010)
Physical Protection for the Internet (AlphaGalileo 12/14/2010)
Cryptographers Chosen to Duke It Out in Final Fight (New Scientist 12/13/2010)
Privacy Project Uses Cryptography to Reduce Shared Info (BBC News 12/9/2010)
Mystery Surrounds Cyber Missile That Crippled Iran's Nuclear Weapons Ambitions ( 11/26/2010)
Spaf on Security Education in 2011 ( 11/23/2010)
EU, US and NATO to Work Together on Cyber Defense (IDG News Service 11/22/2010)
European Union Funds Cloud Security Project (IDG News Service 11/22/2010)
Virus Could Ruin Many Industries' Control Systems (Associated Press 11/18/2010)
Report Looks at How China Meddled With the Internet (New York Times 11/17/2010)
U.S. Sees 'Huge' Cyber Threat in the Future (Reuters 11/16/2010)
Forecast for Cybersecurity Bills Looks Cloudy in Reconvened Congress ( 11/15/2010)
What's ahead for DOD's cyber forces (Government Computer News 11/15/2010)
European Cyber Defenses 'Must Improve,' Tests Show (BBC News 11/10/2010)
Cyber Storm Drill to Yield New Lessons, Feds Say (Government Technology 11/5/2010)
Internet Privacy Could Be Priority in Next Congress (Washington Post 11/4/2010)
‘Evilgrade’ Gets an Upgrade (Krebs on Security 11/3/2010)
The Online Threat: Should we be worried about a cyber war? (Seymour M. Hersh in the New Yorker 11/1/2010)
New Help on Testing for Common Cause of Software Bugs (Government Computer News 11/1/2010)
Study Finds Support for Presidential Net 'Kill Switch' (CNet 10/27/2010)
Iranian cyber army moves into botnets (CSO online 10/25/2010)
D.C. Hacking Raises Questions About Future of Online Voting ( 10/22/2010)
Agencies Hard Hit By Shortage of Cybersecurity Pros (Government Computer News 10/21/2010)
Pentagon Will Help Homeland Security Department Fight Domestic Cyberattacks (NY Times 10/20/2010)
Stopping the Next Stuxnet (The Patriot Post 10/20/2010)
Tests show consumer antivirus programs falling behind ( 10/19/2010)
Internet security plan under review would alert users to hacker takeover ( 10/18/2010)
Google to alert admins of phishing attempts and malware (The H Security 10/15/2010)
Progress is slow on cybersecurity goals, GAO reports ( 10/7/2010)
Cybersecurity as a Catalyst for Economic Growth (Gov Info Security 10/6/2010)

2010 Third Quarter Articles:

EU Seeks to Boost Defenses Against Cyber Attacks (Reuters 9/30/2010)
In a Computer Worm, a Possible Biblical Clue (New York Times online 9/29/2010)
FBI drive for encryption backdoors is déjà vu for security experts (ars technica 9/28/2010)
Vulnerability allows ZeuS botnets to be taken over (The H Security 9/27/2010)
Cyber Attacks Test Pentagon, Allies and Foes (Wall Street Journal online 9/25/2010)
An army of tech-savvy warriors has been fighting its battles in cyberspace ( 9/23/2010)
Is a Cyber Attack Targeting Iran's Nuclear Plant? ( 9/23/2010)
U.S. competitive position has further declined in past five years, report says; nation needs sustained commitment to investment in innovation (KrebsOnSecurity 9/14/2010)
‘Stuxnet’ Worm Far More Sophisticated Than Previously Thought ( 9/23/2010)
Security firm warns of commercial, on-demand DDoS botnet (ComputerWorld 9/13/2010)
Google Confronts China's "Three Warfares" (Timothy L. Thomas 9/13/2010)
Pentagon considers preemptive strikes as part of cyber-defense strategy (Washington Post 8/28/2010)
DARPA Takes Aim at Insider Threats (Network World 08/27/10)
Malware implicated in fatal Spanair plane crash: Computer monitoring system was infected with Trojan horse, authorities say (MSNBC 8/20/2010)
Interview with Ernest McDuffie: NIST's leader for the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education -- Back to school(Government Computer News 8/16/2010)
Microsoft to Issue Emergency Patch for Critical Windows Bug (KrebsOnSecurity 7/30/2010)
Air Force moves to fill nearly 700 cybersecurity vacancies (Defense Systems 7/21/2010)
Prepublication: A Human Capital Crisis in Cybersecurity (CSIS 7/16/2010)

2010 Second Quarter Articles:

Better cybersecurity depends on better information management (Government Computer News 6/22/2010)
The unreadiness team ( 6/20/2010)
Sophisticated ATM Skimmer Transmits Stolen Data Via Text Message ( 6/18/2010)
NASA security chief orders bold change to secure networks (nextgov 5/19/2010)
Cyber Challenge: 10,000 security warriors wanted (Government Computer News 5/17/2010)
UPDATE 1-U.S. struggles to ward off evolving cyber threat (Reuters 5/12/2010)

2010 First Quarter Articles:

Companies Fight Endless War Against Computer Attacks (New York Times online 1/17/2010)