Who are Our Graduates?

Caleb Hall
Caleb Hall
B.S. Computer Science 2014


Associate Programmer Analyst
Rural Sourcing, Inc., Mobile, AL

Provides services to clients including developing new applications and maintenance of existing applications.




Clay SmithClay Smith
M.S. Computer Science 2011
B.S. Computer Science 2008
Computer Scientist
Mine Warfare Technologies Division
Naval Oceanographic Office, Stennis Space Center, MS

Develops and tests software designed to handle subsurface environmental post processing.  Responsible for technical analysis of next generation marine robotics platforms such as autonomous underwater vehicles.  Responsible for the development and testing of algorithms for advanced operational processing of acoustic imagery data.

 “My experience at South greatly contributed to my personal advancement.  The computer science program at South Alabama blended computing and mathematics, the pillars necessary for modern problem solving.” 



John LicatoJohn Licato
B.S. Computer Science 2010

Assistant Professor of Computer Science and director of the Analogical Constructivism and Reasoning Lab (ACoRL)
Indiana University/Purdue University (IPFW), Fort Wayne

 In Spring 2015, I earned my PhD. in computer science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.  At IPFW, I teach courses in computer science, mostly focusing on artificial intelligence, cognitive robotics, and machine reasoning. As a researcher, my lab and I study methods for developing autonomous, advanced systems that can carry out human-level reasoning while still taking advantage of state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms. In short: we're trying to make robots smarter!

“At South, I got my first exposure to research, working with Dr. Doran on the JagBot tour guide robot. I absolutely loved it, and decided it was what I wanted to do. Being able to do undergraduate research at South is what launched me into my current career path. I also served as president for the ACM chapter at South Alabama, and I'm taking the lessons I learned there to serve as ACM faculty advisor here at IPFW!”



Brian MosleyBrian Mosley
B.S. Computer Science 2009

Programmer Analyst
Equifax, Alpharetta GA

Develops applications to support data processing automation, utilities to handle numerous manual support tasks, fast multiprocessing systems to process numerous batch jobs in parallel, and intelligent job scheduling.




Abir QasemAbir Qasem
M.S. Computer Science 1995
B.S. Computer Science 1990

Founding partner of the education startup learnin60seconds

Former Assistant Professor of Computer Science, and Director of Academic Computing at Bridgewater College.  Abir earned his PhD from Lehigh University and has worked on software projects with DoE, FAA, TechX, and Carnegie Mellon University as a consultant.

“My Jag experience gave me a solid foundation in computing and a lifelong love for programming, teaching, and service.  I still fondly remember my "Neo" moment (à la Matrix) - the day I learned recursion from Dr. Langan.”



KD Wilson
KD Wilson
B.S. Computer Science 2014


Programmer Analyst

Rural Sourcing, Inc., Mobile, AL

I work with a client who has many internal applications that we support. We do bug fixes and enhancements to their current software as well as help analyze production issues that occur in their systems. We use these technologies and many others: Java, Maven, Tomcat, Spring, and Struts.



Adam MooreAdam Moore
B.S. Computer Science 2013

Backend Engineer
Percolate, a marketing software startup in NYC

 I help build software features by implementing and maintaining web APIs and the services that make them work. This includes database design, object-oriented design, and automated testing using the Python programming language.

“My experience at South Alabama gave me the fundamentals necessary to teach myself skills in web development. The concepts in the core CS curriculum are useful every day - especially when things go wrong. I'll be able to rely on that foundation regardless of the path my career takes, especially when it's time to learn a new subject area that builds on the fundamentals.”



Zach JorgensenZach Jorgensen
M.S. Computer Science 2008
B.S. Computer Science 2006

Machine Learning Technologist
Boeing Research & Technology, Huntsville, AL

 Researches and deploys machine learning and AI based solutions for our commercial airplanes and defense & space divisions, as well as external contracts.

“My experience as a graduate student at South is what led me to pursue a PhD in computer science from NC State University in 2015 and also where my passion for machine learning and AI was sparked. The skills and knowledge I picked up during my time at South were invaluable during my PhD experience and continue to serve me well in my career.”



David MercerDavid Mercer
M.S. Computer Science 2008

Senior Software Architect
CareEvolution, Inc.

 In Spring 2015, I am responsible for designing and developing quality software that is correct, performant, and easy to deploy and maintain. As a senior architect, I work with considerable independence; it is up to me to make sure I am concentrating on the right thing with the greatest impact to the company and its employees, and it is also my responsibility to self-evaluate and solicit feedback from my coworkers to make appropriate course corrections in my work. The impact of exchanging ideas with your coworkers and soliciting critical feedback cannot be understated to be successful in software engineering, and, similarly, it is my responsibility to provide my fellow coworkers with appropriate critique and code review when requested.

“CareEvolution is mainly a C# shop, yet when I started at CareEvolution, I had never used C# nor .Net before. However, by having a broad experience with different programming languages and paradigms, and a thorough knowledge of computer science, I was able to jump in with very little problem. The masters program at USA was really a great place to learn all the things I missed, glossed over, or forgot as an undergraduate, and to network with many of the highly intelligent professors in the department. I still miss some of the conversations I used to have with my advisers.”



Julie FroesethJulie Froeseth
M.S. Computer Science 2005

Software Engineer
Telenor Digital, Norway

 I wasn't one of those kids who programmed from an early age, and I had to learn a lot of the basics when I started studying CS. The faculty at South challenged me and made me work hard to earn my degree. In retrospect, I see this as the best thing they could do in order to make me a better programmer and also to give me a foundation that I can build on. More than ten years in this profession has taught me that continuous learning is key!

“Women in programming are still outnumbered by men, and I've recently pondered what made me stay in programming. Loving problem solving is, of course, one of the answers 🙂 But I also think female role models like Dawn McKinney at South plays a part. She showed me that women can have a life-long enthusiasm for technology!”



Charlene CoffmanCharlene Coffman
B.S. Computer Science 2015

Computer Technology Solutions (CTS), Birmingham, AL
“CTS is a software development consulting firm. I am
working in the application support division of the
company which means working to improve and correct
software, often not created by our company. I resolve
defects and consult on and implement enhancements.”