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Updates on Coronavirus

Coronavirus Updates

Employees and students returning from international travel or travel to a domestic area impacted by COVID-19 should self-quarantine for a period of 14 days and must self-report this travel to their respective supervisor, program coordinator or department chair. These areas are listed below. The list of defined areas will be updated daily, or as soon as new information becomes available
The University will require a 14-day period of self-quarantine before returning to work or clinical placements for these travelers. If such a period of self-quarantine is required after personal travel deemed at-risk, employees will be required to utilize accrued leave for that period.

For information on how to self-quarantine, please see the prevention section of the USA Health Website.
Affected Areas Requiring Self-Quarantine and Supervisor Notification
All International Destinations
The State of Washington (effective March 8)
The State of New York (effective March 13)
The State of California (effective March 13)
The State of  Massachusetts (effective March 13)
The State of Illinois (effective March 17)
The State of Oregon (effective March 18)
The State of New Jersey (effective March 18)
The State of Georgia (effective March 19)
The State of Louisiana (Jefferson, Orleans, St Tammany and East Baton Rouge parishes, effective March 23). WARNING: For those traveling to Mobile from other Louisiana parishes, you must avoid making any stops in the parishes mentioned.
The State of Connecticut (effective March 24)