Your Advising Appointment

What is Academic Advising? Academic advising is the process where you obtain the critical information you need to make thoughtful decisions about your college career, such as deciding upon your major or solving any roadblocks you may encounter along the way.

Your assigned academic advisor in Academic Advising & Transfer Services knows that your freshman year is a very exciting time and one of great change. As a result, we want to help ensure your first year is as memorable as possible and assist you in your overall success at South.

Be sure to use this resource to get the most out of your academic advising experience!

It is our hope that at the conclusion of your four years, you will appreciate the importance of academic planning, that you will understand the importance of enhancing your degree with cocurricular/extracurricular and inter/intracultural experiences, that you will know your responsibilities as an educated citizen of South and of a democratic, diverse, and global society, and that you will value the educational process and learning across the lifespan.