4 Tips to Becoming a Successful South Student

Posted on August 21, 2017 by Whitney Washington
Whitney Washington

Welcome Class of 2021! We want you to be a successful student at the University of South Alabama and have a few tips to help you make a great start this fall.

1. Go to Class

Attending class is one of the most important habits of successful students. In fact, students who go to class regularly have higher grades than those who do not. Make academics a priority by showing up! Skipping classes has consequences. When you decide to stay in bed or play ball in the Recreation Center or take an extended lunch, you have also decided to miss out on important content for future assignments.


2. Know Your Resources

There are many resources on campus whose primary goal is to help you become a successful student. If you need academic assistance throughout the semester, visit the Academic Services Center which houses the Writing Center, Success Center and the Advising & Transfer Services. If you received accommodations in high school and would like to receive them at South Alabama, be sure to visit Student Disability Services.


3. Get Involved

A good college experience includes more than just classes. This fall, find something you care about, and get involved! The University of South Alabama has over 200 student organizations on campus, and if you can’t find one that meets your specific needs, you can create your own. Co-curricular activities provide opportunities to develop leadership skills, work in teams, and meet new people. Engagement in student organizations also looks great on your resume.


4. Use Your Time Wisely

Learning how to manage your time well is crucial to college success. Your time will potentially be filled with class, studying, work, student organizations, friends, and sleep. Figure out a way to organize your schedule that works for you. Allocate specific tasks to specific hours of the day, and make sure you plan time to study and do homework. Think of ALL the things you KNOW you need to get done each week and put it on your calendar. Keep track of all your assignments in one place so you’re never surprised by a due date. Get the most out of each day by managing your time wisely.

Starting your semester off on the right foot is the easiest way to become a successful student. Start strong by attending all classes, asking for assistance, being engaged in the learning process, keeping a calendar, and meeting with your academic advisor. This fall, make academics your priority.

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