Health Informatics: Saving Lives With Technology

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The Bachelor of Science in Health Informatics is an exciting new program that prepares you for an in-demand field with an excellent employment outlook and provides you with the tools to save lives with technology!


Some key opportunities as a Health Informaticist include:


Improving patient care and outcomes

  • Working with physicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers to reduce medical errors and save lives
  • The HITECH Act of 2009 provides financial incentives for physicians to adopt technology... but there aren't enough trained Health Informaticists to do it.  


Conducting research

  • Medical discoveries are no longer confined to the laboratory.
  • Health Informaticists analyze large amounts of data to discover effective treatments as well as dangerous conditions.


Empowering patients to be involved in their own care

  • Electronic personal health records, patient portals, and even text-based medication reminders...
  • These are just some of the technologies that Health Informaticists use to put more information and tools into the hands of patients!


Sound like something you might be interested in pursuing? Check out these resources, and join USA's team today!


Additional Information:

  • HI Course Check Sheet
  • HI Bachelor of Science Information

Find out more by contacting:

Dr. Matt Campbell

HI Coordinator

(251) 461-1602



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