Group of JagPALs at a campus event.
Overall, I have had a wonderful experience in my FYE course. The instructors and students are really motivate and excited to learn -- its very refreshing!  -  Victoria, Nursing JagPAL

Interested in Becoming a JagPAL?

JagSuccess employs JagPALs or Peer Academic Leaders to serve as peer mentors and tutors for undergraduate courses at South. Often JagPALs support First Year Experience courses and hold tutoring hours in JagSuccess. Some JagPALs may also work as desk assistants or workshop leaders to help with administrative duties that are required for our peer learning and tutoring center. 

JagPAL Positions

 JagPAL Mentors – attend a First Year Experience class to support the professor/instructor by acting as a model student, taking attendance, engaging in class discussions, and providing students with information about events and resources on campus. Mentors may also meet with the professor once per week and can often make suggestions about class activities and student involvement. Additionally, they may support students in one-on-one or small group appointments to discuss time management, organization, general study skills, campus involvement, and communication skills. 

 JagPAL Tutors – typically serve as mentors, but may not. They hold tutoring hours to assist students with study skills, problem solving, course concepts, and academic resources. We see the most student traffic in math and science courses, but may also need additional support in social sciences and humanities courses. Tutors must earn an “A” in each course they support at the college level. Group tutors and SI leaders fall into this category, but receive additional training on group facilitation and collaborative learning. 

JagPAL Desk Assistants – provide customer service to students checking-in/out for tutoring, answer questions related to campus resources, and manage operations of JagSuccess to include marketing, scheduling, and social media. These positions are typically reserved for students who qualify for Federal Work Study. To find out if you require for Federal Work Study, please contact the Financial Aid office. 

JagPAL Hiring Requirements

JagSuccess receives a number of qualified applicants each semester. Hiring usually takes place at the end or beginning of the fall and spring semesters or as needed. To be considered for a JagPAL position you must have:

  • A current undergraduate student at the University of South Alabama
  • A completed application 
  • At least a 3.0 GPA
  • 2 recommendations on file from faculty or staff members (this can come after your application is submitted)
  • Excellent interpersonal and critical thinking skills
  • An “A” in each course you wish to tutor

If applicants are selected for an interview they will be contacted via email or phone to schedule an interview. Once hired, all JagPALs must complete required paperwork and attend mandatory training ensure JagPALs have the knowledge and the tools they need to be successful Peer Academic Leaders at USA.

Typically, JagPALs work between 5-15 hours per week, with most averaging about 5 to 8 consistent hours per week throughout the semester. Preference is given to qualified applicants who can serve in multiple roles and/or tutor multiple in-demand courses.

Please email any questions to