What is supplemental Instruction (SI)? 

SI is a program designed to help all students succeed in “historically difficult” courses. A “historically difficult” course is one that has a higher than average rate of D’s, F’s and withdrawals. We know these courses are difficult and want to help you succeed in them.

What Does An SI Leader Do?

Your SI Leader is an upper level student who has taken this course before and done well in it. SI Leaders will help you “learn to learn” for this particular course.

Where is SI held?

Some departments will have rooms designated for SI meetings, others will not. Try to conduct SI sessions either near the classroom or near the course department. Another alternative is to inquire about rooms available at the Student Center. Enlist the help of the department administrative assistant, the professor, and my office, for help finding a room.

What Happens At An SI Session?

SI Leaders will help you develop better study skills, answer your questions, and share with you the strategies and skills to succeed in the course. More importantly, they will help you learn how to approach the course material and prepare effectively for assignments and exams.

How Do We Know SI Works?

We have surveyed students here at USA in SI classes and have analyzed the performance of students who attend SI sessions and those who do not. This has been done at hundreds of other colleges and universities. The data consistently show the same results. Students who attend SI:

  • Get better grades
  • Do not withdraw as frequently
  • Have higher rates of persistence to graduate

f you attend SI sessions regularly, chances are good that you will earn one half to one full letter grade higher than your counterparts who do not attend. You will develop a better understanding of course content, learn more effective ways of studying and, perhaps, make a few new friends