Learning Communities

Freshman learning communities: your best start at South

Here at South, we know our first year students in learning communities are most successful. That is why everyone at South works together to offer you a first semester learning community that includes the classes required for your major, for your college, and for graduation. Our goal is to make sure you have a schedule that fits your plan of study, and that is flexible enough to adjust with you. 

Freshman learning communities at South are focused on academic courses. A learning community includes several classes you share with other students enrolled in that community. Learning communities typically enroll about 25 first year students; generally you will all share your first year experience course. In most communities, you will share one or two additional learning community courses with the same group of 25 students. We designed these learning communities to provide you with the opportunity to meet other students in your major, to offer you the best schedule for your first semester, and to maximize the applicability of these courses if you decide to change your major. 

Keep in mind, your ACT scores and sub-scores will shape your learning community schedule.  

Not sure about your major?

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