Allied Health


Many majors in the College of Allied Health require graduate training. As you plan your undergraduate classes, keep in mind that you may be considering an additional year, or two, or six, of graduate training. In such majors, your grade point average is very important. Your first semester learning community provides you with a set of classes designed for your program, and includes access to a wide range of academic success resources. Be sure to use them! At South, a student’s first year grade point average is highly predictive of their persistence and graduation. 

Your learning community schedule will include a first year experience course (AHP101 or CAS100) and either a Introduction to Psychology course (PSY120), a General Biology course (BLY121), or a Public Speaking course (CA110). AHP101 includes student from all the health professions, focuses on careers across all health fields, and emphasizes the teamwork required in every professional health setting. These classes will prepare you to navigate diverse employment environments, from a small practice to large medical establishments, and to communicate effectively across various populations. 
More information on our Pre-Health Professions can be found here.