The College of Education and Professional Studies offers many paths to a degree to help students achieve their goals. Two departments within the College offer undergraduate programs: Health, Kinesiology & Sport (HKS) and Leadership & Teacher Education (LTE). All majors are structured to allow for a four year graduation.

HKS offers teaching certification in Health and Physical Education, as well as non-teaching certification programs in Exercise Science, Health, and Leisure Studies. Students wishing to pursue Exercise Science will choose a concentration in Pre-Professional--for those desiring to continue to a graduate program such as Physical Therapy--or Health and Fitness. Student majoring in Leisure Studies will choose a concentration in Therapeutic Recreation or Sport and Recreation Management.

LTE offers teaching certification programs in K-6, Secondary, and Collaborative K-12 Education, as well as a non-teaching certification program in Early Childhood Studies. Students interested in Secondary Education can choose from a variety of majors ranging from English to Mathematics.

The College of Education and Professional Studies has three learning communities designed to help ensure student success: K-6, Exercise Science, and Secondary Education/Leisure Studies. Each learning community is comprised of two courses that will apply toward degree completion. One of the learning community courses is PE 100 Concepts of Health and Fitness. This is a required course for Education majors and teaches students the tools for practicing lifelong wellness.

Based on their major, students will be enrolled in a second course. Students majoring in K-6 Teacher Education will be enrolled in the EDU 100. EDU 100 gives students a broad overview of education, schools, and teaching, as well as an orientation to the K-6 program. Students majoring in Exercise Science, Leisure Studies, and all other teaching certification programs will be enrolled in Public Speaking (CA110), which is a course required for all Education majors.