After you successfully complete the three weeks of summer bridge experience, you will continue to be admitted to fall semester. 
Please sign up now for orientation- there are July sessions during the bridge and you are welcome to select one of those, or a June session. About a week after you sign up for orientation, your advisor will email you to set up your advising meeting.
You are starting EH 101, mathematics - preparing for Pre-Cal Algebra, and CAS 100 a first year experience (FYE) class. These classes will meet for three weeks during the bridge, and then instruction resumes in the fall- so you have a total of 19 weeks of learning for the price of 16. When you successfully complete the semester, you will have 3 credit hours of EH, 2 credit hours of FYE, and up to 6 credit hours of mathematics. 
We are working on the details for parking now. You may bring a car, but it will not be necessary. We will have evening and weekend programming, and participation is part of successful bridge completion.
We offer tutoring, peer mentoring, advising, and other student services. The Rec Center will be available as well. Your student ID will provide access to services.
Linens, towels, umbrella, comfortable clothing, sweatshirt (sometimes classrooms are cold), 
Dining services will follow the summer schedule, we will eat lunch together and share some evening and weekend meals too. 
Yes, you should bring your own device, and you will need it for fall at South.
Participants who have a fully complete Fall 2022 housing application will be permitted to move over to their fall room assignment on July 30th. The cost to move in on July 30th is $15 per night (12 nights until official hall opening = $180). The student also has the option to move completely out of the residence hall and sign up for a fall University move-in appointment. 
No, USA provides the books and supplies students will need for the 3 week program.