Staff Bios


Franklin Ard

Franklin holds a master of arts in English from the University of South Alabama, a master of fine arts in creative writing from the University of Southern Maine, and a doctorate in educational leadership from USA.  In addition to his work at the Writing Center, he has taught English composition, literature, technical writing, professional/career writing, creative writing, and interdisciplinary research courses.  His research interests include professional development in the writing center setting, specifically team-based approaches, as well as academic integrity and plagiarism prevention.

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Joshua Jones

Josh received his Bachelor of Arts in English from USA in 2015 and his M.A. in English with a concentration in literature in 2018.  In 2016, Josh participated in the Active Learning Initiative at South Alabama (ALISA), where he aided in the improvement of large English literature survey sections through the use of VoiceThreads. His current research focuses on authorial intent and unreliable narration in war literature, specifically novels set during World War I.

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Krisha Amin

Krisha is a junior undergraduate student majoring in biomedical sciences and philosophy. She is on the pre-med track but also has a crazy love for writing and teaching. She has experience in research literature, APA style, AP style, but loves to tackle any challenge thrown at her. Krisha is an editor of South's JOURACA and has been a member of the Oracle staff for the past 2 years. Yet, she stills believes that her greatest accomplishment to date is being voted "Most likely to become a writer" by her elementary school graduating class. She's still working on that.


Emily Belle Isle

Emily is a senior undergraduate at USA majoring in secondary education with a concentration English language arts. She has a background in both MLA and APA writing. She is a lover of all things caffeinated, so it will be a rare appointment if she is not sipping a cup of coffee or tea. In her infrequent bouts of free time, she enjoys reading, writing, gardening, watching Netflix, and being basic. She is an avid Jags fan and occasionally pulls for the Saints on Sundays. Her love of traveling has taken her many places, including Italy, Germany, and Austria. She hopes to one day open hearts and minds through teaching literature and language.


Bee Baldwin

Bee is an undergraduate student double-majoring in Spanish and English with concentration in creative writing.  She enjoys writing poetry and short stories. When Bee isn’t completing schoolwork, she’s probably napping. When she’s not doing schoolwork or napping (rare occurrence, by the way), she enjoys spending her free time by playing video games, collecting comic books and van Gogh-related items, and fawning over her dog, Olive. But, mostly, Bee naps.


TJ Carlton

T.J. is currently pursuing his bachelor's degree in accounting and economics. Outside of USA and the Writing Center, T.J. works as a cost estimator and sales consultant for his family business. He is expected to graduate in May of 2020 and hopes to become a CPA after graduation. His research interests include investment and valuation, cost accounting, and free market economics and economic theory.


Aryn Carr

Aryn is a senior undergraduate majoring in Theatre Technology and Design focusing in Costume Design at the University of South Alabama. She spends most of her time in the Theatre USA costume shop preparing for upcoming shows and has worked in her field both in Mobile and at her internship at the Mac-Haydn Theatre in upstate New York both designing and constructing costumes. In her free time she likes to read, watch movies, and spend time with her friends.




 Julia Diamond

Julia is a junior undergraduate student majoring in English and minoring in French. She loves everything literature, particularly Romantic classics and modern takes on mythology. When she isn't writing or reading (which is rare), she loves to spend time hiking with her dog, Montague or knitting. After college, she hopes to succeed in a career focused around the creation of literature, be it editing, publishing, or something else. She loves to help people and make people happy more than anything, and she will definitely show you a million pictures of her dog if you ask.


Kate Duthu

Kate is a part-time English graduate student concentrating in creative writing. A Virginia native, she received her B.A. in English from the University of Virginia and her J.D. from the College of William and Mary. She is licensed to practice law in four states and advocated for domestic violence survivors and their children in her work as a criminal prosecutor, family law attorney, and shelter volunteer. After relocating from New Orleans to Mobile following Hurricane Katrina, she took a hiatus from practicing law to spend more time with her children, volunteer in the community, serve on boards of local and state-wide non-profit organizations, and return to her love of literature and creative writing.


 Kip Hayes

Kip is a graduate student in English literature. Even though he does have strong opinions about grammar and voice, he does indeed have friends. Outside of school and the Writing Center, Kip enjoys collecting schlocky pop-culture artifacts: movies and movie novelizations; retro video games; and old board games. He has two cats—Prince Fortinbrass & Battle Cat.


Sydney Jones

Sydney Jones is a junior majoring in English and minoring in applied linguistics and classics. After graduating in May of 2020, she intends to earn her master's in applied linguistics, so she can teach English as a second language. In her free time, she enjoys taking road trips, finding quirky thrift stores, and collecting new vinyl records. 


Lucy Lazaro

Lucy Lazaro is a California native and currently a post baccalaureate student at the University of South Alabama. She is pursuing her second bachelor's in English literature with a concentration in professional writing. She obtained her first bachelor's degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in chemistry with a concentration in polymer science and is an assistant non-fiction editor for the Oracle Fine Arts Review. In her free time, she is a ballroom and Latin dancer. Salsa and tango are her favorite dances.  


Cass McIntyre

Cass is a senior at South majoring in English with a minor in general management. He enjoys creative writing, hanging out with friends and his fiancée, reading, and being involved with the Baptist Campus Ministries and his church family. 


Genevieve Murdick

Genevieve received her Bachelor in Arts in English from Loyola University in 2013, with a concentration in writing poetry, fiction, and plays.  She has written two southern gothic novellas, Infestations and Nice Evening Problems, as well as a chapbook of poetry based on the geography of New Orleans, called Public Transportation: Has the Power to Transport You. She recently returned to academia to pursue her M.A. in Creative Writing while splitting her graduate assistant work between the Writing Center and The Stokes Center for Creative Writing. Her academic interests include Buddhism, history, and social justice issues with practical solutions. In her free time, she podcasts and writes performance poetry.


Brad Nolen

Brad Nolen is a poet and technical writer. He has a B.A. in English from the University of South Alabama and is currently studying for master’s degree in English literature and creative writing. Brad has a professional background in technical writing for the insurance industry. When not devouring heaps of strange, experimental poetry and criticism, Brad can be found in one of three places: at his writing desk, on the front porch rocking with his sweetheart, or playing Fortnite with his boys. He loves his scholarly life, though he is contractually bound to say that his hiking boots, his garden, and his home brewery all miss him dearly.

    Robert O'Berry

Robert is a writer, professional crocheter, and veteran Dungeon Master for his Dungeons & Dragons group. He has a B.A. in English from the University of South Alabama and is currently studying for his M.A. in English literature. He primarily focuses on the medieval genre and animal studies favoring such authors as Dante, Chaucer, Phillip Armstrong, and Jaques Derrida. When not crafting a compelling quest about a wizard’s missing socks or reading hundreds of pages of critical theory, he finds most enjoyable spending his spare time with his one-year-old son and amazing wife jamming to Pink Floyd, playing Super Smash Bros., and going to the beaches at Gulf Shores. When in doubt, he always tries to remember Dante’s famous saying: “Si Hoc Legere Scis Nimium Eruditionis Habes.”


Amy Patterson

Amy is a graduate student in English with a focus in creative writing.  She earned her bachelor’s degree at The University of Texas at San Antonio.  She lived San Miguel de Allende, GTO, Mexico for three years where she learned Spanish by immersion, wrote short stories for the local bilingual paper, and got her first paid writing gig with Fodor’s Travel Guides.  She also studied herbal medicine in the Southwest for two years.  When she’s not putting pen to paper she spends time cooking, chasing chickens, bird watching, playing with her two wonderful kids, and hanging out with her tall man.


Heather Perrin

 Heather is a third year graduate student majoring in Secondary Education with a focus in English. In 2016, she graduated with a B.A. in English with a focus in Literature and a minor in Sociology. She has experience with MLA, APA, and Chicago styles. She is also proficient with technical writing, creative fiction and nonfiction, and rhetorical analysis essays. In her spare time, she loves to focus on creative writing, and is currently working on a creative nonfiction story.


Rachel Rhodes

Rachel is a second-year graduate assistant with a bachelor’s degree in English literature from USA. She enjoys reading Victorian and detective literature along with anything remotely related to Harry Potter. She is adept in MLA, APA, and Chicago styles. In her “free” time, she works as editor-in-chief of the Oracle Fine Arts Review and reads endlessly for “research purposes.” After doing a brief stint teaching in the public sector, she will move on to try her hand at a doctoral program in either comparative literature or British literature with a focus on gender studies.


Shelby Savage

Shelby is an undergraduate student at the University of South Alabama double majoring in Political Science and English. Her intention is to attend law school next fall where she hopes to focus on domestic violence and child advocacy law. Shelby is experienced with many forms of academic writing, from research papers to rhetorical analysis essays, and greatly enjoys working with students to develop strong writing skills. When Shelby is not working at the Writing Center or serving as a Resident Assistant with USA Housing, she can usually be found somewhere quiet with a book in hand.


Anna Van Derwood 

Anna is a University of South Alabama undergraduate student double-majoring in creative writing and Spanish and minoring in Gender Studies. They specialize in writing poetry and creative nonfiction/essays with a focus on the lived experience of marginalized identities. Anna is a member of Sigma Tau Delta and Mortar Board honor societies, works on South's Oracle staff each year, and has received several scholarships through the university. Anna maintains semi-fluency in Spanish and is especially excited to work with ESL students at the Writing Center. They hope to one day be a content editor at a publishing house.


David Woolverton

David is a first year English graduate student with a concentration in creative writing. He completed his undergraduate in 2017 at Spring Hill College, where he double majored in creative writing and theology. His work there has given him extensive experience writing in both MLA and Chicago styles. While at Spring Hill, he worked at the Sonny Callahan Boys and Girls Club helping in their art and photography classes, as well as tutoring in various subjects from time to time. When writing for himself, David tends to write in the genres of fantasy and southern gothic. His interests include railroads, history, and British comedy shows.


Levi Young

Levi is an undergraduate student as well as a member of the USA Honors College. He is majoring in English with a concentration in creative writing. Outside of the Writing Center, he loves to write poetry and short stories. Levi has a pet parakeet named Speedie who is very talkative and likes to wake him up at the crack of dawn.