Classroom Presentations

The Writing Center is excited to conduct in-class instructional sessions for courses of any discipline.  A presentation may cover a wide range of writing-related topics and can last as long as the instructor specifies.  For example, consultants can give a brief introduction to the Writing Center and academic writing in general. Or, consultants could conduct a longer session on format and citation (MLA, APA, CMS).

We also assist with in-class peer review.  Peer reviews can be based upon specifications from the instructor, or the Writing Center is happy plan a peer review session based on the instructor's assignment prompt.

Schedule a Presentation

To schedule a classroom presentation, please send an email to the Writing Center's manager, Franklin Ard, at  Please include requested date(s), presentation topics, class time(s), number of students, and any other helpful information.  The manager will then follow up with you to confirm.