Freshman Admission Scholarships

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Students Paying In-State Tuition*

All scholarships below are renewable for up to four years¹

Level Test Score (ACT) GPA Annual Amount
USA Presidential Scholarship 33-36 3.0 Full Tuition1 + $2000 Housing/Dining Scholarship + $2000 Study Abroad Scholarship² 
USA Provost's Scholarship  32 3.0 Full Tuition1+ $1000 Study Abroad Scholarship²
USA Dean's Scholarship  30-31 3.0 $8,000
USA Faculty Scholarship  28-29 3.0 $5,000
USA University Scholarship  24-27 3.0 $3,500
USA Achievement Scholarship  23 3.0 $2,500


Students Paying Out-of-State Tuition

All scholarships below are renewable for up to four years¹

Level Test Score (ACT) GPA Annual Amount
USA Presidential Scholarship: Non-Resident 33-36 3.0 Resident Tuition1 + $3000 Towards Non-Resident Tuition + $2000 Study Abroad Scholarship² 
USA Provost's Scholarship: Non-Resident  32 3.0 Resident Tuition1 + $3000 Towards Non-Resident Tuition +  $1000 Study Abroad Scholarship²
USA Dean's Scholarship: Non-Resident  30-31 3.0 Resident Tuition¹ + $3000 Towards Non-Resident Tuition
USA Faculty Scholarship: Non-Resident  28-29 3.0 $10,000
USA University Scholarship: Non-Resident  24-27 3.0 $7,000
USA Achievement Scholarship: Non-Resident  23 3.0 $5,000

¹Terms and Conditions apply and can be found in JagSPOT once awarded
²One-time only award; must be used while an undergraduate


Bay Area Scholarship*

For students residing in Mobile or Baldwin counties in the state of AL and the service area counties in MS or FL.

Level Test Score (ACT) GPA One-Time Award Amount
 Bay Area Scholarship  21-22  3.0  $1,500 for the freshman year


*Resident tuition rates apply to Alabama students, Mississippi students from George, Greene, Harrison, Jackson, Perry and Stone counties and Florida students from Escambia and Santa Rosa counties.  More information about residency can be found here.



Students must be a(n):

  • U. S. citizen, permanent resident, or in transitional visa status attending a U.S. High School
  • Incoming first-time freshman

Incoming freshmen are automatically considered for admission scholarships upon admission to the University.

  • All fall 2017 and spring 2018 high school graduates who have been admitted as a first time freshman for the spring 2018 or fall 2018 term and meet the Freshman Admission Scholarship requirements by December 1st will be guaranteed a scholarship.  Students who graduate in the fall and enroll in the spring term at USA are eligible to receive the scholarship starting in the spring term.
  • Students who are admitted as first time freshmen, are 22 years of age or younger, and have not attended another college or university after graduating high school will be automatically considered for the Life Experience Scholarship. The amounts of this award are consistent with the freshman admission scholarship levels.
  • After admission to USA, incoming first-time freshman will automatically be reviewed for the Freshman Admission Scholarships. A scholarship award notification will be emailed to students through their JagMail email account.
  • All students who have been awarded a Bay Area or Freshman Admission Scholarship will be reviewed throughout the year to see if an increase in test scores allows for a scholarship increase- as long as funds are available. Reviews will be done in October, December, March, May and July.
  • Students receiving University scholarships will have the award credited to their tuition and fees due each semester. Any balance from scholarships may be used to pay for associated academic costs such as books at the USA Bookstore, USA Housing and USA Food Service. Annual University scholarships are split between Fall and Spring semesters.


For a listing of other University Scholarships, click here.

To review the Institutional Scholarship Guidelines, click here.

The Freshman Admission Scholarships program is funded by the Mitchell-Moulton Scholarship Initiative.

Any awards or scholarships funded by USA are considered institutional aid. Some examples of institutional aid are admission-based scholarships, departmental awards, employee tuition assistance, housing benefits and athletic scholarships. USA reserves the right to adjust aid if a student receives multiple scholarship awards or exceeds the institutional maximum.