Personnel & Responsibilities

Alphabetical by Duty/Responsibility

▼   Administration
Sandy House (secretary)
▼   Alarms/Exit Doors

Joshua Fields, Nancy Pugh (supervisor), Heather Hoven (night supervisor), Donna Salsbury

▼   Banner
Joshua Fields, Sandy House (reports/purchase orders/inquiries), Heather Hoven,  Jessica Medema, Nancy Pugh, Donna Salsbury
▼   Biofeedback
Trey Lemley (editor), unfilled position (online publication)
▼   Book Donations
Due to a shortage of staff in our buildings and the necessity for quarantining materials, the USA Libraries are currently not accepting donations of physical items.
▼   Book Repairs
Karen Bradshaw
▼   Book Sale
Heather Hoven
▼   Book Withdrawal
Karen Bradshaw
▼   Budget
Sandy House
▼   Building/Facility (open/close)
Joshua Fields, Heather Hoven (night supervisor),  Nancy Pugh (supervisor), Donna Salsbury
▼   Building Safety Coordinators
Justin Robertson, Sandy House (back-up)
▼   Calendars
Jessica Medema, Nancy Pugh (circulation) 
▼   Cash Register
Joshua Fields, Heather Hoven, Jessica Medema (back-up), Nancy Pugh, Donna Salsbury
▼   Circulation
Joshua Fields, Heather Hoven (night supervisor), Jessica Medema (back-up), Nancy Pugh (supervisor), Donna Salsbury
▼   Clinical Library Program
Clista Clanton (lead)
▼   Computers/Systems
Fletch Bowling, Robbie Runderson
▼   Copyright
Trey Lemley
▼   Copyright Payment
Nicole Telhiard (ILL), Sandy House (Admin)
▼   Credit Card Payments
Joshua Fields, Sandy House, Heather Hoven, Nancy Pugh, Donna Salsbury
▼   Direct Pay
Karen Bradshaw (standing orders), Sandy House
▼   Dreams/Summer Students
Heather Hoven, Jessica Medema (Voyager/student access)
▼   Grants
Sandy House (funding allocations)
▼   Hospital/MCI/Clinics Library Services
Clista Clanton (coordinator)
▼   ILLiad
Karena Harrell, Justin Robertson (back-up), Nicole Telhiard
▼   Interlibrary Loan
Karena Harrell (lending), Justin Robertson (department coordinator), Nicole Telhiard (borrowing and department supervisor)
▼   Interlibrary Loan Billing
Karena Harrell (lending), Nicole Telhiard (borrowing)
▼   Interlibrary Loan Shipping
Karena Harrell, Nicole Telhiard (back-up)
▼   LibGuides
Clista Clanton, Rachel Fenske, Trey Lemley, Justin Robertson
▼   Library Liaisons
Clista Clanton, Rachel Fenske, Trey Lemley, Justin Robertson,
▼   Patient Health Education
Rachel Fenske, Justin Robertson
▼   Payroll
Sandy House (review), Nicole Telhiard (ILL), Heather Hoven (circulation), Nancy Pugh (circulation)
▼   Photocopier/Computer Troubleshooting
Joshua Fields, Sandy House (administration), Heather Hoven (circulation), Donna Salsbury
▼   REDCap
Clista Clanton (institutional administrator), Heather Hoven, Thalia Shaw
▼   Reference
Karen Bradshaw, Clista Clanton, Rachel Fenske, Joshua FieldsHeather Hoven, Trey Lemley (coordinator),  Jessica Medema, Nancy Pugh, Justin Robertson, Donna Salsbury
▼   Serials Check-In
Karen Bradshaw
▼   Shared Drives
Fletch Bowling
▼   Statistics
Trey Lemley (collections), Jessica Medema (IPEDS surveys, AAHSL/ACRL surveys, circulation), Nancy Pugh (circulation), Justin Robertson (website and interlibrary loan)
▼   Student Assistants
Joshua Fields, Heather Hoven (trainer, supervisor), Nancy Pugh (trainer, supervisor), Donna Salsbury
▼   Study/Meeting Rooms
Joshua Fields, Heather HovenNancy Pugh, Donna Salsbury
▼   Timesheets
Sandy House
▼   Used Book Sale
Heather Hoven
▼   Voyager
Fletch Bowling (systems), Joshua Fields, Karena HarrellHeather Hoven,  Jessica Medema, Nancy Pugh, Donna Salsbury, Thalia Shaw, Nicole Telhiard (ILL)
▼   Website
Justin Robertson (coordinator), Thalia Shaw

Alphabetical by Faculty/Staff Member 

Faculty/Staff Member
Fletch Bowling - Computers/Systems, Shared Drives, Voyager (systems)
Karen Bradshaw - Book Repairs, Book Withdrawal, Database/Journal Packages Review, Direct Pay (standing orders), Journal Annual Renew Orders, New Book Processing, Reference, Serials Check-In
Access Reports, Acquisitions, Book Donations, Book Sale, Building Safety Coordinator, Catalog Maintenance, Collection Assessment, Database/Journal Packages Review, Disaster Information Specialist, E-Books Cataloging, E-Journal Access Issues, Education, Electronic Resource Management System Administration, Electronic Resources Access Issues, Journal Annual Review Orders, LibGuides, Library Liaison, Library Space Planning, Monographs (print) Cataloging, Non-Serial Acquisitions, Non-Serial Material Cataloging, Reference, Statistics, Used Book Sale, Voyager
Clista Clanton - Clinical Library Program, Education Coordinator, Embedded Library Program, Hospital/MCI?Clinics Library Services,  LibGuides, Library Liaison, REDCap, Reference, 
Rachel Fenske - Community Outreach, Education, Health InfoNet of Alabama, LibGuides, Library Liaison, Patient Health Education, Reference, USA Heart Care Team Patient Instruction
Joshua Fields - Alarms/Exit Doors, Banner, Building/Facility (open/close),  Cash Register, Circulation, Credit Card Payments, Photocopier/Computer Troubleshooting, Reference, Student Assistants, Study/Meeting Rooms, Voyager
Karena Harrell - Interlibrary Loan (lending), Interlibrary Loan Shipping, ILLiad, Voyager
Sandy House - Accounts Payable/Receivable, Banner, Budget, Building Safety Coordinators (back-up), Concur Travel, Credit Card Payments, Direct Pay, E-Prints Reports, Expense/Revenue/Cost Transfers, FOAPAL Account Codes, Grants (funding allocations), Limited Purchase Orders, Office Supplies, Payroll, Personnel Action Forms, Personnel Records, Photocopier/Computer Troubleshooting (administration), Purchasing Cards, Quickbooks Entry, Records Disposition Authority, Timesheets, University Requisitions/Purchase Orders
Heather Hoven - Alarms/Exit Doors, Banner, Book Sale, Building/Facility (open/close), Cash Register, Circulation (night supervisor), Credit Card Payments, Deposits (cash register), Dreams/Summer Students, Payroll, Photocopier/Computer Troubleshooting, REDCap, Reference, Slideshow (breakroom), Student Assistants, Study/Meeting Rooms, Used Book Sale, Voyager
Trey Lemley - Biofeedback (editor), Education, Embedded Librarian Program, Faculty Senate (senator), LibGuides, Library Liaisons, Reference, Scholarly Initiatives
Jessica Medema - Adjunct Faculty Access, Banner, Calendars, Cash Register, Circulation, Deposits (user copies, yearly deposit forms), Dreams/Summer Students (Voyager/student access), Statistics (IPEDS survey stats, AAHSL/ACRL survey stats, circulation), Voyager
Nancy Pugh - Alarms/Exit Doors, Banner, Building/Facility (open/close), Calendars, Cash Register, Circulation (supervisor), Credit Card Payments, Deposits, Overdue Reports, Payroll, Statistics (circulation), Student Assistants, Study/Meeting Rooms, Voyager
Justin Robertson - Building Safety Coordinator, Education, Interlibrary Loan (department coordinator), ILLiad (back-up), LibGuides, Library Liaison, Reference, Statistics (website/ILL), Website (coordinator)
Donna Salsbury - Alarms/Exit Doors, Banner, Building/Facility (open/close), Cash Register, Circulation, Credit Card Payments, Photocopier/Computer Troubleshooting, Reference, Student Assistants, Study/Meeting Rooms, Voyager
Thalia Shaw - College of Medicine Annual Citations, College of Medicine Annual Report Review, College of Medicine Dissertation Review, College of Medicine PhD Candidate Reference, New Book Processing, REDCap, Voyager
Administration (director), Banner (requisitions), Budget, Circulation (coordinator), Leave Reports (faculty/staff), Library Liaison, Personnel Action Forms, Purchasing Cards, Quickbooks Entry, Reference (back-up), Timesheets, USA Heart Care Team Patient Instruction (back-up)
Nicole Telhiard - Copyright Payment, Interlibrary Loan (supervisor), Interlibrary Loan Billing, Interlibrary Loan Shipping, ILLiad, Payroll (ILL), Voyager