Indoor Pool

100 and 50 Miles Club Challenge

Challenge Dates: August 16th, 2017-May 3rd, 2018

Swimming is the Ultimate Workout

Swimming is the ultimate all-in-one fitness package, working most muscles in the body in a variety of ways with every stroke. When strokes are performed correctly, the muscles lengthen and increase in flexibility. The significant repetition of strokes improves muscle endurance, and because water creates more resistance against the body than air does in land exercise, the muscles are strengthened and toned. Swimming also significantly enhances core strength, which is important to overall health and stability in everyday life.  The hip, back, and abdominal muscles are crucial to moving through the water effectively and efficiently. Swimming builds these core muscles better than any abs video or gadget advertised on television. Finally, a properly structured swim workout provides incredible improvements to the cardiovascular system. 

This is an excerpt from Janet Evans’ Total Swimming by Janet Evans.

What are you waiting for???

What do I do??

Once you have joined the club, just start swimming.  Every time you swim, enter your laps on your home computer or laptop at the front desk. 

**You must swim in the indoor pool at the Student Recreation center for your laps to be counted towards the challenge.

What will I receive??

You will look and feel better, burn calories, improve cardiovascular endurance, and if that’s not enough you will also receive a T-Shirt or Swim Towel.

If 100 Miles seems like too much then try to swim 50 Miles.  T-shirts or swim towels will also be awarded to everyone who reaches 50 miles during the challenge year. 

The cost to participate is your time, commitment, and a willingness to succeed. To register, please click on the link below:

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