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2018 Summer Trip Series

▼   Trips Overview

All Outdoor Adventures trips include equipment, transportation, and trip guides.  You are responsible for bringing your own water, meals (if needed), and snacks.  Wear appropriate clothing and footwear and bring a hat, sunscreen, or sunglasses if desired.

All trips meet at the Outdoor Adventure cabin, located on Fincher Drive behind the USA Student Recreation Center.  It is within walking distance of USA Housing.  Parking is also available.

All Outdoor Adventure trips require a waiver to be signed.  If you are over the age of 19 (the legal age in Alabama), you may sign your own waiver.  If you are under the age of 19, please download the waiver prior to the trip, have your parent/guardian sign it, and bring it to the Outdoor Adventures cabin the day of the trip. 

▼   Trip Registration & Payment Information

All outdoor trip registrations and payments are made online via the Campus Recreation Portal.  We do not accept in-person registrations or cash/checks. Payment is made in advance and full refunds will be given if the trip does not make.  Please carefully read the trip descriptions below to see the registration deadline for each trip.

We have three price categories for our trips: Student, SRC Member, and Guest. 

Student:  This price is for students currently enrolled in USA classes. If you are taking a semester off and are not enrolled, you may participate in the trip but will pay the guest price.

SRC Member:  This price is for faculty, staff, alumni, retiree, spouse, dependent, and plus one members of the Student Recreation Center.

Guest:  This price is for anyone who would like to go on the trip as a guest of a current student or SRC Member.  It is also for any faculty/staff/alum/retiree who is not a member of the SRC, or a student taking the semester off.

Refunds:  If you wish to cancel your registration and receive a refund, please see your receipt for more details.  The deadline to cancel and receive a refund varies by trip.  If a trip is canceled by Campus Recreation, then registrants will receive a full refund.

To register for a trip, please visit the Campus Recreation Portal.

Portal Instructions

If you are a current student, faculty/staff, or SRC member, you must read the portal instructions. Do not create a new account.

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