Student working out with weights


Group Fitness Classes

  1. A minimum of two people must be present at the start time in order for a fitness class to be held. It is the instructor’s discretion whether or not to teach to only one person. Classes with consistently low attendance will be canceled.
  2. Out of respect for the instructor, we request that you follow the instructor’s routine and keep conversation to a minimum.
  3. Space in classes is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. You may not reserve space or equipment (including bikes) for another participant.
  4. Closed-toe athletic shoes must be worn in fitness classes. Open-toe or dress shoes, any court-marking shoes, or bare feet are not acceptable. Exceptions to this rule are yoga, barre, meditation, and water aerobics classes.
  5. For health reasons, we do not provide mats for yoga classes. Please bring your own.

Personal Training

  1. Members wishing to work with a personal trainer must fill out our contract and return it (along with payment) to the front desk of the Student Recreation Center.
  2. Per state law, personal training sessions conducted by non-USA personal trainers are not allowed in any Department of Campus Recreation facilities, including the Student Recreation Center and Intramural Fieldhouse. Members who are found using an outside personal trainer within the USA facilities will have their membership revoked.

Kickboxing Equipment

  1. Heavy bags, speed bags, and a double-end bag are available in Studio 1. Please check the schedule for times that the equipment is available.  The schedule is posted at the studio and on our website.  Equipment is only available during these times.
  2. Sneakers and gloves/wraps are REQUIRED to use the equipment.  No bare feet kicking the bags.  No bare hands punching the bags.  Members who do not comply with this health policy will be asked to leave and/or have Rec Center privileges revoked.
  3. Studio time for SouthFit programs and scheduled HPELS classes take precedence over kickboxing times. Members may not interrupt a SouthFit program or HPELS class to use the kickboxing equipment.  Studios are not available 15 minutes before or after a class.
  4. Campus Recreation staff reserves the right to call Campus Police if a member does not respect the kickboxing rules or becomes uncooperative/belligerent.
  5. NO CONTACT martial arts are allowed.  Members who do not comply with this policy will be asked to leave and/or have Rec Center privileges revoked.

Equipment & Studios

  1. SouthFit equipment (steps, balls, BOSUs, weights, bands, etc) is for SouthFit programs only. Members may check out equipment for general use at the Equipment Center. If we do not have equipment for check-out that you’d like to have, just ask! We may be able to purchase it.
  2. The Fitness Studios may be reserved for personal or group activities when not in use by SouthFit.
  3. The Student Recreation Center is not responsible for any lost or stolen articles. We suggest putting valuables in a locker. Free lockers are available by the indoor track and in the weight room.


  1. Dependents age 17+ may use the Student Recreation Center, including SouthFit classes & personal training, any time the facility is open.
  2. Dependent access hours (age 16 and below): Friday 4:00-11:00 p.m., Saturday 8:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m., Sunday 1:00-9:00 p.m. Dependents age 10-16 may participate in SouthFit classes and personal training sessions during these times.
    • Age 16, the parent/guardian must be in the building but does not have to participate in class/session.
    • Age 10-15, the parent/guardian must participate in the class simultaneously and supervise dependent’s use of equipment, or supervise the personal training session.
    • Dependents under age 10 are not permitted in SouthFit classes or personal training sessions.
    • No dependent of any age may sit in the Fitness Studios and watch a SouthFit class or personal training session while the parent participates. Please take dependents age 3-9 to the Kids Play Zone.
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