Participation Rules

Students cheering outside on the intramural fields


  1. South Sports is open to all currently enrolled students, faculty and staff, and alumni of the University of South Alabama.
  2. Participants are limited to ONE TEAM per LEAGUE per SPORT.
  3. ALL participants must be registered on IMLeagues prior to their participation.
▼   Alumni Policy
  1. Alumni participants are defined as any individual that has been previously enrolled as a student at the University of South Alabama, at least part-time, for one semester.
  2. Alumni participants must pay an alumni fee of $25 per semester to participate in South Sports Programs.
  3. Alumni fees will be collected electronically, after the first week of the league, via IMLeagues.
  4. If you have any questions regarding Alumni status, please contact the South Sports office.
    Teams with more than two alumni players will be considered an “Alumni Team”.
    1. Alumni Teams are not eligible for South Sports Championships of any kind.
    2. Alumni teams will not be seeded into playoff brackets with non-alumni teams.
    3. If there are enough alumni teams participating in that sport, an Alumni Playoff will be will be created and a winner will be determined.
▼   Collegiate Athlete Policy
  1. Limited number of Collegiate Athletes are allowed to participate in South Sports programs.
  2. Collegiate Athletes who were rostered players during the current academic year are ineligible to participate in the corresponding South Sport for which they are lettered.
  3. Collegiate Athletes will be defined as meeting one of the following:
    • An athlete who is or was on a roster in a varsity sport at a 2 or 4 year institution within the past 5 years.
    • Someone who has been on a collegiate sport scholarship within the current academic school year.
    • Current red or gray shirt athletes
    • Sport Club participants
    • Traveling/Upper-classification softball players
      *The South Sports Administration reserves the right to define collegiate athlete status for any player.
  4. For each sport we provide, a limited number of  Collegiate Athlete are permitted per team, for the sport at which they lettered. (Example: No more that one former Collegiate Women’s Soccer player (within 5 years of her last Collegiate season) is permitted to play on a 8 on 8 Soccer team.)

Sport Corresponding Collegiate Sport & Number of permitted Collegiate Athletes permitted to participate:

Sport Collegiate Sport Number of Athletes Permitted

8 on 8 Soccer

Indoor Soccer

Soccer 1


4 on 4 Volleyball

Sand Volleyball

Volleyball 1


Shortman Basketball

3 on 3 Basketball

Basketball 1




Team Policies

▼   Participation Fees

* Any fees different from those listed below will be announced separately.

League Type Cost per Team
5-6 week leagues (8 on 8 Soccer, Flag Football, Basketball, etc.) $30
2-3 week leagues (4 on 4 Volleyball, 4 on 4 Flag Football, etc.) $15
1 day events $10
▼   Leagues
  1. South Sports offers Men’s, Women’s, and Co-Rec leagues for most sports. Open leagues are also provided for some sports.
  2. Members of the IFC will participate in a specialized Men’s leagues for 5-6 week sports.
  3. Women’s leagues shall be divided into Sorority & Women’s if both leagues have 4 or more teams.
  4. Co-Rec leagues are subject to different rules, depending on sport. Co-Rec Rules will be discussed at the Captain’s Meetings.
▼   Captain’s Responsibilities

The duties of the captain are as follows:

  1. Attend the MANDATORY Captain’s Meeting for their participating sport.
  2. Communicate all rules and regulations to their teammates.
  3. Ensure that their team is dressed in proper uniform attire.
  4. Ensure that their roster is complete at game time.
  5. Communicate any forfeits, defaults, or discrepancies with the South Sports Office.
  6. Be available for communication to the South Sports office for their team.

*Please note: The captain of the team is the only participant allowed to make roster changes, time preferences, league changes, schedule changes, and notify of a forfeit or default. The South Sports office will not accept any of the above actions from any other player on the roster.

▼   Uniforms
  1. All participants must wear SAME colored uniforms during contest.
  2. No team will be permitted to wear black uniform shirts for the ‘18-’19 season.
  3. For Basketball, jersey numbers must be PERMANENTLY AFFIXED to the uniform. No tape will be permitted.
  4. For Flag Football & 4 on 4 Flag Football, shorts with pockets are not permitted. Players will be asked to change and will not be allowed to participate. Pockets cannot be taped or pinned closed nor can shorts be turned inside-out.
  5. Tennis shoes are required to participate in South Sports programming. Sandals, flops, loafers, dress shoes, boots, etc. are not appropriate footwear. (For Sand Volleyball, players are permitted to play barefoot.)
  6. Hard billed hats of any kind are not permitted in South Sports programming. Skull caps that do not cover the participants face are permitted.
▼   Rosters
  1. All players must be listed on the IMLeagues roster prior to their participation in South Sports.
  2. Captains are responsible for adding players to the roster before gametime.
▼   Scheduling
  1. Scheduling will be done on week by week basis.
  2. Schedules for weekly games will be posted at least three days prior to contest. Any requests or notifications should be made as soon as possible.


  1. There will be times where games must be rescheduled due to weather, unforeseen circumstances, etc.
  2. For ALL teams, rescheduling will only occur when BOTH teams involved agree to be moved. We will not reschedule games without permission from both teams.
  3. If your team needs their game rescheduled, the captain should communicate with the South Sports office immediately. We will do our absolute best to reschedule games however, in the interest of the program as a whole, will not always do so.
▼   Default/Forfeit/Extra Games
  1. Defaults and Forfeits are considered losses to a team and will count against playoff standing.
  2. A contest will be labeled a default when a team notifies the South Sports office within 36 hours via email of their scheduled game time of their inability to participate.
    1. For teams signed up for Sunday games, notification of inability to participate must be emailed by 3p on the Friday before.
  3. A contest will be labeled a forfeit when:
    1. A team is not prepared to take the playing surface with the minimum amount of players at scheduled game time.
    2. A team does not notify the Intramural Office within 36 hours of their scheduled game time of their inability to participate.
  4. For each forfeit, a team will be charged a $25 forfeit fee to be paid before the next scheduled game. Failure to pay the forfeit fee will result in additional forfeits and possible removal from the league of play.
  5. After two defaults, a team will be given the option to drop out of the league with no refund.
    1. If the team choose to remain in the league, their next default will remove them from the league permanently.
  6. After two forfeits, a team will be removed from the league. All unpaid fees will remain the responsibility of the team members and will not be removed. Players will not be permitted to play on other teams until all unpaid fees are paid.
  7. When the South Sports office receives a default or forfeit from a team, we will send notification to all eligible teams in that league to be allowed to pick up the extra game.
    1. Extra games will be scored and count for/against standings for both teams participating.
    2. Extra games must be claimed by the captain of the team.
▼   Playoffs
  1. Teams will be seeded into playoff brackets according to their league of play. Playoff seeds will be awarded to the top half of the league, in most cases.
    1. Most playoffs teams will be required to have a record of .500 or better.
  2. At-large bids will be given when available to teams dependent upon strength of schedule, when they’ve not had the opportunity to play everyone in their division/league.
  3. Seeding for playoff brackets will be determined by the South Sports staff and will include team records, sportsmanship, strength of schedule, and other factors.
  4. Playoff tournaments will not be scheduled on a teams regular night of play.
  5. Players cannot be added to the roster after the last regular season game.
  6. Any alumni that haven’t paid their alumni fee prior to the last game of the season will not be permitted to play in playoffs. This will not make the team eligible for a different bracket.
▼   Protests
  1. Teams that would like to protest their contest must do so at the time of the infraction to the officials on the field. The officials will note the date, time, and score in the case that play will be resumed from that point.
  2. The captain must then turn in a written protest within 24 hours of the infraction to the South Sports office.
  3. Misapplications of rules are grounds for protest.
    1. Officials judgement cannot be protested as it is not an objective measure.
  4. Protests could end with play being resumed from the time of protest, wins awarded to both teams, or any method that results in a fair, but correct outcome, for both teams.
▼   Improper Participation
  1. Players that are suspended for anything other than alumni fees may not participate until their suspension is complete.
    1. If a suspended player participates in a contest, the team will receive a loss for the game at which this player participated.
  2. Teams that are found in violation of our Collegiate Athlete policy will receive losses for every game that they played illegally. The losses will count against their overall record.
  3. Players found to be participating on two active teams of the same league will be suspended for a full week of play. The suspension includes any additional teams in other leagues (Co-Rec, Shortman, etc) that they participate in.
  4. Captain’s are responsible for knowing the eligibility of all players on their roster.
▼   Awards
  1. All-U Champions will be awarded South Sports Championship Shirts at the South Sports Awards Cookout in April.
  2. Teams will be awarded 10 Championship Shirts at no cost to them, at which will be able to purchase additional shirts a $10 per shirt for extra players. (Softball Champions will be awarded 15 Championship Shirts at no cost).
  3. Alumni Champions will be permitted to purchase Championship Shirts at $10 per shirt. (minimum 8). Shirts will be awarded at the South Sports Awards Cookout in April.
  4. All-Stars will be determined over the course of the season by the South Sports Officiating Staff. Team captains will also be asked to nominate All-Stars for their team at the end of the season.
  5. The top 40 All-Stars will be awarded All-Star Shirts at the South Sports Awards Cookout in April.
  6. Teams and individual participants are also eligible to receive additional awards including Athlete of the Year and Team of the Year.
▼   Sportsmanship
  1. Unsportsmanlike conduct is defined but not limited to the following:
    1. Threatening South Sports Officials and Supervisors, teammates, and opponents.
    2. The use of vulgar language against South Sports Officials and Supervisors, teammates, and opponents.
    3. Inappropriate racial or sexual comments of any kind
    4. Spitting, pushing, shoving, mushing, fighting, or all other physical contact between teammates and/or opponents.
    5. Any physical contact of any kind toward South Sports Officials and Supervisors, teammates, and opponents.
    6. Smoking (including vaping) and Alcohol usage within the South Sports complex.
  2. Unsportsmanlike conduct will result in penalties against the team, warnings, suspensions, or exclusions of players.
  3. While suspended, a players cannot participate or spectate in any aspect of the South Sports program.


  1. Spectators will be held to the same standards as that of a participant.
  2. Teams will be held responsible for all spectators associated with their team.
  3. Smoking (including vaping) and Alcohol usage
▼   Free Agents
  1. If you don’t have a team but would still like to participate in South Sports, we have you covered. Each semester, we do our best to create “Free Agent” teams where those that don’t have friend-groups to create one can join up with other students on campus.
  2. Be on the lookout for “Free Agent” sign up during registration week.