Racquetball racquet, ball, and safety glasses.


▼   League Information

Have you been looking for a group to play racquetball with, but haven’t found anyone? Join our Racquetball Ladder League, a fun and easy way to meet players on campus.

Ladders work like this: Players are initially ranked in a random order. Players can challenge others to games throughout the week, at any time the Student Recreation Center is open. Players report the results to our office, and we shuffle the ladder weekly. It’s just that simple! Sign up today by clicking the link below. Don’t wait, league play begins soon!

Join Racquetball Ladder

▼   Score Reporting

After the match is played, scores should be reported to the link below. Weekly, the ladder will also be updated.

Report scores Here

▼   Ladder Results
Ladder results will be posted here.