FAQs about Disclosures

▼   Can I save my progress and complete it later?
Yes, by clicking the “Save and Complete Later” button at the end of the Disclosure form.
▼   How will I know I have submitted the disclosure and my answers received?
Upon completion of your Disclosure form, you will click the option, “Save and Sign” at the bottom of your form. You will then see the Certification, where you checkmark the “I agree” box (agreeing to 4 attestation statements). Next, click the “Complete Form” button, and you should then see a page indicating “Success!” and an option to view your completed Disclosure form.
▼   How do I update my disclosure form?
Upon logging-in to COI Risk Manager, go to the “Home” tab, then scroll down and click the down-arrow on the “Show Disclosures Available to Update” bar. You should then see prior Disclosure forms. Choose the correct (most current) form by clicking “Update.”