UCTC Statement on Racial Violence and Trauma

The University Counseling and Testing Center (UCTC) joins the rest of the USA community in expressing our grief, sorrow and compassion to all those who have been impacted by the race based tragedies that have been occurring across our nation. These tragedies reflect a longstanding and entrenched history of structural and systemic injustice that we condemn and are dedicated to addressing. While these tragedies can be traumatizing for all of us, we recognize that they may be especially injurious to members of our Black and African-American community. In the aftermath of experiencing or witnessing trauma, it is normal to experience a range of feelings and emotions, such as shock, fear, sadness, anger, helplessness or guilt. UCTC is committed to affirming and providing care for all of our students who have been directly or vicariously impacted by trauma caused by racism, bigotry, prejudice and indifference. We encourage you to contact our office at 252-460-7051 if you (or someone you know) would like support with coping and healing. We are also providing a number of resources for you (see below). We hope that these resources resonate with the USA community as ways in which we can both support those who are hurting and join together to facilitate a more inclusive and supportive environment for all. Additionally, and in collaboration with the University Diversity and Inclusion Committee we will be participating in a virtual Courageous Conversation to provide a space to discuss the George Floyd killing. It will take place via Zoom on Thursday, June 4, 2020, at 4:30 p.m. See flyer.

With love and solidarity,

The Staff at UCTC

Resources for Black Individuals and Communities

Antiracism Resources

USA Resources

Books to Read

On Antiracism

On the Experience of Racism

Organizations to Support