The Computer Services Center coordinates an IBM SPSS volume contract for the benefit of participating University departments. It includes the "IBM SPSS Statistics Standard Campus Edition" and IBM SPSS Amos modeling software.

IBM SPSS licensed under this program can be installed on University-owned computers for instructional and research purposes. These can be physical computers or thin clients/virtual desktops. The contract does not provide for home use on personally owned computers, nor does it permit the use of the package for administrative functions. Please contact the CSC if you have questions about the suitability of your planned use.

IBM charges the University a single fee based on IPEDS statistics and other formulae. This cost is shared by the participating departments.  Effective for the 7/1/2017-6/30/2018  renewal, the annual subscription fees to departments will be as follows:

Named User: $ 400 Charge is per named user.
Assigned to individual faculty/staff employee by email username.
Can be assigned to Graduate and Undergraduate assistants.
Not tied to any specific computer, but only one instance can run at a time.
Named Computer: $ 400 Assigned to specific computer.
Not restricted to any one user.
Student Labs: $ 250 For use in student computer labs.
1 to 10 computers: cost is per lab computer on which SPSS is installed.  
More than 10 computers: Contact CSC to calculate cost. Charge will be based
on maximum concurrent seats required and expected average use.

 Click here to access the SPSS application form.