Student Delegates

Group picture of Student Delegates


Student Delegates are a select group of undergraduate and graduate students who act as the face and voice of the University of South Alabama’s Office of Development and Alumni Relations throughout the academic year.

▼   What is the Student Delegate Program?
The Student Delegate Program attracts qualified, enthusiastic and committed student leaders who volunteer to serve as representatives to the South’s external communities. The program is intended to promote USA education among alumni, donors and potential donors to increase funding opportunities for students, such as scholarships, research opportunities and campus improvements. Delegates will help host donors and VIP’s, provide assistance for campus tours, special events and public speaking events.
▼   What is a Student Delegate?
A Student Delegate is a storyteller. No one knows life at USA better than a student. No one can explain the life-changing impact of a USA education better than someone who is experiencing it first-hand. No one can advocate the importance of funding for students better than an actual student. A Student Delegate is someone who is able to talk about his or her USA experience to donors and potential donors with confidence and passion. As a Student Delegate, you will help the USA Office of Development and Alumni Relations convey to donors the importance of scholarships and general student support. Your story might just be the catalyst that spurs someone to make a donation to enable talented students like you to experience an USA education.
▼   What does a Student Delegate do?

Student Delegates are essential to our communications with current and potential donors. Through personal interactions and publications, Student Delegates will share their USA experiences. Being a Delegate will require a time commitment of approximately 1-5 hours per month during the academic year. Hours will vary, depending on the number of events and activities scheduled.

  • Face to Face Conversations
    We hold events where alumni, donors and potential supporters of the University are invited to attend, and we ask Student Delegates to be the face and voice of the University. Delegates will be invited to meet and talk to these VIP’s, telling your stories and inspiring them to find out more about making a gift to the University, which will enable others to study at USA.
  • Speaking Engagements
    We occasionally host luncheons, banquets and other special events for current and potential donors. Student Delegates may be asked to briefly tell guests about the impact that financial support from donors has had on their lives at USA and their educational experiences.
  • Photographs, Written Quotes and Stories
    We produce proposals, publications and reports for current and potential donors. Pictures and quotes from current students about life and learning at USA can bring these to life in new ways.
▼   Why Should You Become a Delegate?

As a Student Delegate you will have the opportunity to build valuable experience in networking and communication (written and in-person), get an insider’s perspective of USA’s $150 million fundraising campaign and have the opportunity to talk one-on-one with business and industry leaders about your USA education experience.

You will also have the opportunity to:

  • Cultivate leadership skills
  • Create valuable professional connections with campus and community leaders
  • Build your resume
  • Gain community service and public speaking experience
  • Acquire exposure as a visible student leader on campus
  • Network with diverse community leaders (government, business, education)
  • Student Leadership Training conferences
▼   Minimum Qualifications

Earn and maintain a minimum of 3.0 cumulative GPA

Earned a minimum of 24 semester credit hours

Enrolled in a minimum of 6 semester credit hours per semester

▼   How to Apply

Complete the Student Delegate application and submit to If selected to move to the next stage, you will be asked to interview with a committee from the Office of Development & Alumni Relations. The deadline to apply for 2018-2019 is September 7, 2018.