Programs and Events

▼   Summer Lecture Series June 3, 2021

Dr. Derek Greenfield: Professor, Visionary Speaker, Consultant, Thought Leader

Topic: Mind the (Generation) Gap: Understanding Generational Dynamics and Implementing Innovative Strategies to Promote Inclusion and Belongingness

Link: Dr. Derek Greenfield Lecture Recording

▼   Summer Lecture Series June 4, 2021

Dr. Gregory J. Vincent: Professor, Executive Director of the Education and Civil Rights Initiative, Program Chair of the Ph.D. Program, Senior Diversity Officer

Topic: Texas v. Fisher: Examining Why Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is a Compelling Interest

Link: Dr. Gregory Vincent Lecture Recording

▼   Summer Lecture Series June 15, 2021

Varion Howard, Se7en Entertainment: Consultant, Poet, Author, Motivational Speaker

Topic: Teaching and Counseling the Impact on Creating Belongingness

Link: Varion Howard Lecture Recording