Peer Mentors

Collage of peer mentors having fun together,

"It is not so much our friends' help that helps us, as the confidence of their help." – Epicurus

What is a PEER MENTOR?

Here at the University of South Alabama, we have peer mentors who are ready to become your guides. They are here to help you with homework, lead conversation groups, or just hang-out and talk. They also plan fun activities to help you learn about American culture. Any student who is enrolled in classes at the USA English Language Center can participate in these peer mentor lead groups.

If you want to be more involved, you can request a personal mentor. When you have a personal mentor, you have a person who will:

  • invite you to events and activities at the University of South Alabama,
  • let you practice your English in a judgment-free environment
  • help you adjust to life in the United States.

Who are the PEER MENTORS?

The peer mentors are students here at the University of South Alabama. They are majoring or minoring in one of the following fields: Anthropology, Foreign Languages, International Studies, Applied Linguistics, and Speech Pathology. They are good students who can help you reach your academic goals, but they are also here to help you adjust to campus life.

How can I get a PEER MENTOR?

If you want a personal peer mentor, you need to contact Justine Burbank. There are a limited number of spaces, so you need to contact her as soon as possible to have your name put on the waiting list.