When you enroll in classes at the English Language Center here at the University of South Alabama, you will be placed in classes based on your performance on the placement test. We use the Cambridge Michigan Language Assessment (CaMLA) English Placement Test. This test will assess your listening, reading, and grammar. You will also be asked to provide a writing sample and take a speaking test.

We have five levels of instruction:

  • Level One (CEFR A-1)
  • Level Two (CEFR A-2)
  • Level Three (CEFR B-1)
  • Level Four (CEFR B-2)
  • Level Five (CEFR C-1) 

Students are promoted from one level to the next when they have achieved a class average of 70% or higher. Students entering our program with at Level One can expect to spend five to six terms (approximately one year) studying English to develop the proficiency needed to enter a university in the United States.