Requesting a Peer Mentor

Why do you want a peer mentor?

Peer mentors can help you practice English. They can also help you learn about the university community and life in the United States. If you want an "American friend" to help you adjust to life here at the University of South Alabama, you would probably enjoy having a peer mentor.

What is your responsibility?

If you request a peer mentor, you are asking to enter a relationship. Your peer mentor will stay in touch with you and invite you to attend events with them. You need to communicate with your peer mentor, and you need to be considerate of the peer mentor's time. Your peer mentor is also a student, so he/she needs to carefully schedule his/her time to make sure they are able to balance peer mentoring and their studies. If you say you will meet your peer mentor, you need to be there on time. If you find that you will have to cancel an appointment with your peer mentor, please let her/him know as soon as possible so that she/he can make other arrangements.

If you want a peer mentor, what do you do?

If after reading the information above, you believe that you would like to have a peer mentor, contact Justine Burbank. She will put you in touch with one of the peer mentors.