Naturally Slim (Pilot Program)

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Ever wonder how some people can eat whatever they want and not gain weight? We’ll show you how it’s done.

Naturally Slim® is a common-sense, online weight loss program based on Eatology™, the study of when,
why and how we eat. Unlike diets, which rely on your willpower and ‘eat this, not that’ advice, Naturally
Slim teaches you simple, repeatable skills to help you lose weight and keep it off in the real world, while
still eating the foods you love — even cheeseburgers!

Here’s how Naturally Slim works:

Instead of making you count points, track calories or change your diet to kale smoothies, we use a
science-based approach based on the eating patterns that people who don’t struggle with their weight
use naturally. During the initial 10 weeks of the program, you’ll log-in to your Naturally Slim dashboard
to learn tips like:

  • Ways to enjoy your favorite foods without going overboard
  • How to manage the differences between appetite and hunger
  • How to keep thirst from hijacking your weight loss
  • The reasons we eat, many of which have nothing to do with hunger
  • How to stop eating around emotions like stress, anger and depression
  • How to sleep better, become more physically active, reduce stress and more!

Who’s eligible?

Employees and spouses on the USA Health and Dental plan are eligible to apply to the program.

Is there a cost?

There is no out-of-pocket cost for employees and spouses on the USA Health and Dental plan.
Naturally Slim is covered as a preventive medical expense under your health plan.

“I cannot believe this. I have lost 15 pounds in 3 weeks with NO effort. I have kicked my sugary drink habit. I am
sleeping better and have energy that I didn’t know existed. I am so grateful for this program.”
- Naturally Slim Participant

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