How To Become A University Of South Alabama Vendor

Suppliers frequently ask how they can become a registered vendor with the University of South Alabama.  As a progressive institution of research, healthcare, and academic services, we strive to develop good business relations with viable business entities offering an innovative approach to quality products and services. Our success depends on the abilities of our vendors who are partners in our commitment to meet our vision.

The University welcomes all interested vendors, but requests that they not apply for a USA vendor identification number until services have been requested by a USA Department. After a sales/service request, please complete both a University of South Alabama Substitute W9 Form and an Authorization for Electronic Direct Deposit Form and returning to the University of South Alabama Department requesting business.

Policy Change: Unsolicited paperwork, for obtaining a new USA vendor identification number, submitted to the Purchasing Office will no longer be accepted. Vendor’s may submit their paperwork to USA departments when requested. 


For more information, download How to Do Business with The University of South Alabama