Motion To Amend the USA Faculty Senate Bylaws to

Include Research & Creative Activity Committee’s Charge


WHEREAS in November 2013 the USA Faculty Senate voted to amend the Faculty Senate Bylaws to add the Research and Creative Activity Committee as a Standing Committee in Bylaw 3, Section 1.1, and


WHEREAS the Research and Creative Activity Committee has since drafted a Charge for that Committee, and,


WHEREAS, Committee Charges are included in the Faculty Senate Bylaws; therefore,


HEREBY Moves to add the following Committee Charge as a new subsection to the Faculty Senate Bylaws, Bylaw 3, Section 2, new subsection 2.8:


2.1      Section 2.8 Research and Creative Activities Committee:  This Committee shall support the research mission of the University by collaborating with the Vice President of the Office of Research and Economic Development (ORED). The committee engages in activities to facilitate research including exploring faculty research support, and promoting and reviewing ORED programs.