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Fifteenth Faculty Survey

June 2002

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2002 Survey Summary Table


Go here if you want this year's results only, for the University as a whole and by college.
2002 Summaries of Written Comments Go here for summaries of the written comments for the eighteen opened-ended questions in the survey.
Four-Year, University-Wide Comparative Results (1999- 2002) Go here if you want to compare results over the last four years for questions put to the entire University faculty
Four-Year, Comparative Results for Colleges (1999-2002)

Click the link to any of these colleges or schools if you want to compare results over the last four years for questions put to the faculty of that college or school.


How Was the Survey Conducted?

This is the second year that the USA Faculty Survey was conducted online. Through the collaboration of the Faculty Senate and the Office of Academic Computing, extraordinary steps were taken to insure the anonymity of all responses. The survey was announced campus wide via e-mail to all faculty accounts.

The survey was conducted between May 13 and June 10, 2002. 232 surveys were completed, approximately 35.37% of the total faculty. Although worse than last year's, the turnout is comparable to the times when paper surveys were conducted. The timing of this year's survey has been given as the primary reason for the lower turnout given that many nine-month employees had already left the campus when the survey was released. The Computer Services Center received the data and, immediately upon the conclusion of the survey, provided the Faculty Senate with statistical compilations. The data displayed on these web pages are therefore what was returned to the Senate by the Computer Services Center. The formatting of the results on these pages is the responsibility of the Faculty Senate, not of the Computer Services Center.

The main difference between this survey and previous surveys is the inclusion of eighteen free-response, open-ended questions by means of which faculty could provide comments to questions pointedly placed throughout the survey. This gave the faculty member the opportunity to expand upon his or her thoughts with regards to specific questions offering a point of view or a suggestion. As opposed to the box left for comments at the end of previous surveys which were often left blank, many faculty took the time to fill these boxes out with their opinions.

A summary of the answers for each of the eighteen questions is provided at the end of the data. The complete text of commentaries is available for viewing upon request. President Moulton will receive a copy of the complete text. Others in the administration both at upper and lower levels will be shown the aspects of the survey that pertain to them specifically.

Thanks to all who took the time to complete this survey. We invite your comments and suggestions for the next survey, which will be conducted in March immediately after Spring Break. For example, are there questions you would like to see added/deleted?

Please address all comments, questions, and suggestions to:

Dr. Bart E. Longenecker, Chair
Faculty Senate Evaluation Committee
School of Computer and Information Sciences
20 FCW
pager: 460-9710

We wish to recognize and thank Dr. Richard Wesenberg and the Senate Evaluation Committee of 2001-2002 for the original creation of this Web Page. With Dr. Wesenberg's permission, we have essentially stayed true to the original format.

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