Faculty Senate
Approved Minutes
12 November 1997

1 and 2. Call to Order and of Roll

The regular meeting was called to order by Suzanne McGill,
Chair, at 3:00 p.m. in Library 5. The Secretary called the roll:


Absent (excused):

3. Completion of Pending Business

Minutes of the regular meetlngs of 13 August 1997 and 8 October 1997 were approved.

4. Report from the Chair

Suzanne McGill reported that the trustees are scheduled to meet on 4 December and expected to approve the raise proposed by the president; if approved, checks for retroactive payment of any salary increments are expected to be cut before the interim.

McGill reported that Happy Fulford, Dr. Whiddon, and State Senator Sanders spoke to ACCUFP (Alabama Council of College and University Faculty Presidents), a meeting hosted by USA at The Terrace and organized by ACCUFP President-elect, Victoria Rivizzigno, former USA faculty-senate chair. Senator Sanders discussed the importance of faculty becoming involved. Legislators want to know what faculty think, he said, and stressed that the state won't fund higher education because "it is the right thing to do." We need to be specific as to what the needs are. McGill also reported that the new Higher Education Partnership(HEP) is organizing as a higher-ed advocacy group in Montgomery where the K-12 and two-year college interests currently dominate.

McGill reported that the unresolved issues regarding the articulation agreement for all two- and four-year institutions in Alabama are being discussed by the state -wide council of chief academic officers. In this regard, HcGill reported a discussion with the president on 11 November on the matter of an acting or interim SrVPAA appointment (see old business).

McGill also reported with respect to the articulation agree ment that D grades, not now accepted for transfer credit by USA, may have to be accepted. The issue remains to be resolved.

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McGill invited faculty comments directed to her on the issue of teaching workload in the planned semester conversion: what are the perceived inequities, if any?

McGill reported that the search committee for SrVPAA had 31 completed files to screen; no report on VPMA search at this time.

5. Reports of Senate Standing Committees

Evaluation. Tom Hain invited suggestions about items to be included in the next faculty survey, which his committee will begin to prepare in the near future.

Planning/Development. Douglas Haywick invited attention to a map he distributed to the senate showing proposed boardwalks across the wetlands located on the main campus along the creek. Haywick noted that one boardwalk was already completed and urged continued progress in construction of additional boardwalks until the plan is realized. Haywick has researched senate archives and noted a long history of senate concern about and commitment to preservation and enjoyment on this unique wetlands environment.

Haywick also noted that the articulation agreement may require lab components for some courses that in turn may create space problems.

Policy/Handbook. Richard Daughenbaugh reported that it may be necessary to eliminate the 010 writing exam for transfer credit of English 101, basic composition. (see new business.)

Daughenbaugh reported on semester conversion of FSDA. (See new business.)

Daughenbaugh reported on placement of AAUP guidelines in faculty handbook. (see new business.)

Salaries/Benefits: Phillip Bell has an excused absence.

6. Reports of Caucus Leaders

Richard Daughenbaugh reported the concern of the faculty of the College of Education regarding the eight-hour maximum to be placed on summer school teaching in the semester system. This faculty offers an extensive curriculum in summer school for K-12 teachers and its offerings will be restricted by the proposed teaching load limit if it is implemented. Suzanne MCGill observed that the profits, as it were, from summer session are returned to the college budgets, so teaching loads affect "profits" that are often used to fund projects in the various colleges

7. Old Business

Suzanne McGill reported that the president had changed David Stearns' administrative title to Associate Vice President for Enrollment Services, the words "academic affairs" having been deleted.

McGill reported that the president may appoint an interim or acting SrVPAA in the near future.

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8. New Business

Richard Daughenbaugh's motion that the issue of elimination of the 010 writing exam be tabled was unanimously approved.

Daughenbaugh's motion that the FSDA be converted to the semester system on the basis of one semester at full pay and two semesters at half pay was unanimously approved.

Daughenbaugh's motion that the AAUP guidelines be placed in an appendix of the faculty handbook was unanimously approved.

9. Communications from the President

No communications were reported.

9. Adjournment

McGill adjourned the meeting at 4:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
T. Lally, Secretary