Faculty Senate
Approved Minutes
11 March 1998

1 and 2. Call to Order and of Roll

The special meeting was called to order by Suzanne McGill, Chair, at 3:00 p.m. in Library 5. The Secretary called the roll:


Absent (excused):

3. Completion of Pending Business

Minutes of the regular meetings of 12 November 1997 and 14 January 1998 were approved.

4. Report from the Chair

5. Reports of Senate standing committees

Evaluation. Tom Hain reported that the annual survey of faculty opinion and evaluation of administrators would be distributed the second week of Spring Quarter.

Planning/Development. Douglas Haywick made no report.

Policv/Handbook. Richard Daughenbaugh reported that his committee members had divided the pages of the handdbook amongst themselves and were reviewing the document for possible changes/corrections relative to semester calendar conversion.

Salaries/Benefits. Phillip Bell reported that the committee met on 4 March 1998 and reviewed the issue of a 10% salary increment for promotions, and is also making an inquiry whether there is a limit to the number of times one can seek promotion if one does not at first succeed. Bell led a discussion of a draft resolution on promotion increments and agreed to take the resolution to the committee again for further discussion. Bell reported that the committee decided that administrative promotion policy was outside its purview, and therefore had nothing to recommend on this issue.

6. Reports of Caucus Leaders

7. Old Business

8. New Business

9. Communications from the President

6, 7, 8 and 9: None

10. Adjournment

McGill adjourned the meeting at 4:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
T. Lally, secretary