JagTran: Executive Summary

The University of South Alabama’s new campus transportation system, known as JagTran, will help ease campus traffic, anticipate future growth and offer a new benefit to both faculty and students.

In development for the past three years, JagTran is being funded by federal grants from the U.S. Department of Transportation and Federal Transportation Authority. The $6.2 million system is scheduled to begin this spring.

JagTran will reduce campus traffic congestion and air emissions. The plan increases the general public safety of the campus and reduces the traffic control burdens of the Campus Police.

JagTran will be available to all faculty, staff and students. No tickets, money or reservations will be needed. Students can ride JagTran to buildings across campus, including the dorms and University Commons.

JagTran is designed to ease the traffic congestion of USA’s burgeoning student body. Since USA is the fastest-growing university in Alabama, the system anticipates future student growth.

Faculty can continue to park as usual in their designated blue spaces in any lot across campus. Meanwhile, students will select a parking lot most convenient for them. Then, they will be given a parking decal that guarantees them a spot in that lot. They’ll park their car and use JagTran to make it to classes or activities across campus. A variety of shuttle vehicles, all ADA accessible, will be used by the JagTran system. This way, in case of a temporary breakdown, another vehicle can be substituted without a disruption of system service.

Initially, three routes are planned, with service running from 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. The routes and parking lots will be color-coded for easy use. Limited but regular service will continue throughout the afternoon until the cafeteria closes. Routes, maps and schedules will be posted at each stop.

As part of the JagTran’s launch, a complete marketing campaign will be directed at students.

For more information, contact Keith Ayers, 460-6211.

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