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From:  Elise Labbé
Faculty Senate Chair

Faculty Senate News
January 2000

      President Moulton addressed the Faculty Senate at the January meeting on the effects decreases in state funding and tuition for this year has had on the budget.   He encouraged faculty to call their legislatures and ask them to support funding for higher education.  The other implication of funding decreases is that faculty will not receive a raise this year.  President Moulton pledged that any extra money next year would go toward salary raises.  President Moulton listed several strategies that the administration have in place to gain financial support for the university.  Many of the faculty senators, although not happy to hear the news, appreciated Mr. Moulton's effort to give us this information directly and his willingness to answer questions.

      Carr & Associates will be here the morning of February 24, 2000 to present the results of their football feasibility  study.  It will be a public presentation so faculty are encouraged to attend. Exact time and place will be announced.   I have asked Richmond Brown to be the faculty senate spokesperson.  Again, all faculty are encouraged to attend !

      The Arts and Sciences Dean Search is well in progress.  The search committee should have a list of candidates to invite to interview within the next week to give to Dr. Covey.

      Since the last faculty senate meeting, the interviews for VP for Academic Affairs candidates have been set up with specifics on times and place of presentation to be posted soon.  Again I encourage faculty to attend the presentations and there will be a meeting with the faculty senate for each candidate.  We discussed the VP selection procedure from this point forward with President Moulton and  he said he would select the final candidate based on input from all areas of the university community.  He said that he welcomed input from faculty.  The search committee will not rank candidates after the interview process.  Summary of interview dates: Dr. Covey, Jan. 27 & 28; Dr. Hudson, Feb. 9 & 10; Dr. Radonovich, Feb. 15 & 16 and Dr. Doblin, Feb. 21 &22.  Copies of the candidates vitas can be found in the Library.   

      Since the last senate meeting the College of Allied Health Caucus and the Computer Science Caucus expressed their displeasure at the memo I presented to the Search Committee.  Both caucuses expressed the belief that they had no concerns with the Search Committee.  On the other hand faculty from Arts and Science, Business and Education reported that they approved of the memo.  Again I see my role as representing the various opinions of the faculty who communicate to me and to the executive committee their concerns.  I will continue to do this.

      At this point I would like to encourage everyone to take a constructive, positive approach to the search.  We have several good candidates that will be interviewed and President Moulton maintains that the other 6 candidates files will remain active until he feels the best candidate for the university is selected.  Evaluation forms are being passed around for those who attend a session or interview to rate the candidate.  Also the faculty senate will be summarizing feedback from faculty on their impressions of the candidates and forwarding that to Mr. Moulton.  Please feel free to send me your impressions or thoughts on this matter.
      The Salary & Fringe Benefits committee is in the process of setting up a survey to determine faculty and staff interest in a dental plan. This committee has also presented a vacation policy resolution similar to the sick leave proposal.  The Policy & Handbook committee has been very active and has proposed several resolutions, including one on course overload.  The Evaluation committee is in the process of setting us the annual survey.  Planning & Development committee has been following up on issues of safety on campus.  Please contact your caucus leaders or chairs of the committees if you have any questions or suggestions.  You can also review resolutions proposed and their current status on the faculty senate website.

      The faculty senate passed a resolution in appreciation of Keith Ayers and his work in public relations.  So many faculty have been impressed with Mr. Ayers energy in promoting the good qualities of U.S.A.  We also have noted his eagerness to work with faculty and help educate both the university community as well as the Mobile community as to the excellent work of faculty.

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