Drone Pilot Ground School

Man flying drone




The Federal Aviation Administration regulates the commercial operation of even small unmanned aircraft (drones).  Under the regulations, a person needs a remote pilot airman certificate with a small unmanned aircraft system (UAS) rating to operate the controls of a small drone.  To obtain this certificate a person must pass and extensive flight knowledge exam and a background check.

The USA Center for Continuing Education offers a Part 107 Remote Drone Pilot Ground School which focuses on providing students with the information they need to successfully pass the test and earn the certificate.  The curriculum includes:

  • Drone Laws and FAA Regulations
  • Weather Services and Meteorology
  • National Airspace Systems
  • Drone Flight operations
  • Practices Tests and Course Recap.

The structured six-week course, led by a Certificated Flight Instructor, Jake Magnin, meets one night a week for two hours. 

The Center also offers, upon request, an Introduction to Drone Flight workshop which provides hands-on instruction on the physical operation of a drone for both hobbyists and commercial operators. This five-hour workshop is designed to provide students with the basic skills and knowledge necessary to safely operate a small, remotely controlled (R/C) quad-rotor style drone. After learning basic rules governing legal operations, workshop participants practice basic drone handling techniques, in a controlled environment, under the guidance of a qualified instructor.  The drone is included in the workshop fee.