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Odyssey USA

Odyssey USA is a community of adult learners who share intellectual curiosity and who participate in  educational opportunities offered them through The Center for Continuing Education (CCE).  Courses are designed to stimulate the mind and to encourage personal growth throughout life.  Topics are challenging and thought-provoking with mind-stretching activities on a wide variety of subjects.  These courses are open to any adult in the community, or thanks to technology, any adult in the world! Most courses are offered both in the classroom and on Zoom.  There are four terms per year, and each term lasts six weeks. 

New Course Offerings are Available!  Courses Begin October 27th.

▼   Odyssey Membership 

To become a member, simply register for one or more courses in any term throughout the year.  There are two terms in the spring and two terms in the fall.  Memberships expire on July 30 of each calendar year.  


▼   Wednesday Classes:


1:00 -2:30 p.m.  Photo Art Photography:  The Masters 

Offered on Mobile Main Campus & Via Zoom

Presented by Vincent Lawson

While photography is a relatively new medium, the masters of photo art have proven that photographic images have the power to immortalize the mortal, manifest the hidden, dignify the mundane, demonstrate the darkest of the human condition, or showcase the beauty of the natural world.  What are the attributes that contribute to photo art, and how have the masters combined creativity and vision with lighting, speed, and aperture to produce these impactful images?   

Join Vincent Lawson, long-time photography instructor, as he presents the "masters" of photo art and showcases images that they have produced, emotions that they have evoked, and contributions that they have made.


3:00 - 4:30 p.m.  Introduction to Ornithology Part II

Offered on Main Campus and via Zoom

Presented by Joel Borden

Birding enthusiasts, join Joel Borden for Part II of Biology and Bird Identification. This course will focus on social/mating behavior, bird brains & learning, song structure, population dynamics, species interactions & ecosystem services. Students will learn causes of population declines, and ways to mitigate future species losses. Again, students will be invited to take to the outdoors and observe local species around campus.

Biology and Bird Identification Part II is open to all students, whether they participated in Part I or not. Don't miss this interactive, dynamic course!

▼   Friday Classes:

Friday Classes: October 29th - December 10th

1:00 - 2:30 p.m. Essential Italian For Travelers in the Land of La Dolce Vita!

Offered  on Main Campus and Via Zoom 

Presented by:  Konstantin Wertelecki

Italy is one of the most traveled countries in the world, but hosts comparatively few fluent English speakers as those in other popular European destinations. This course will linguistically and culturally equip students in essential Italian for travel, from understanding directions, to reading a menu, to successfully securing assistance in the event of a mishap.

While learning elemental communication, this course will also enlighten students on key customs and practices of Italy from traditional holidays, to amenities for tourists, and social decorum. No matter how long or short your stay in Italy, or whether you are going at all,  this course is sure to provide an engaging perspective on the Italian language and its peoples who are known for living "la dolce vita!" Do not miss this spirited and delightful course.

3:00 - 4:30 p.m.  A Survey of Choral Music

Offered on Mobile Main Campus & Via Zoom 

Presented by:  Dr. Laura Moore

We welcome Dr. Laura Moore this fall!  She will teach  A Survey of Choral Music, where various genres will be described and the class will listen to multiple examples of each genre.  Examples include oratorio, opera choruses, madrigals, choral symphonies, etc.  There will be discussion on important composers in each genre and their musical styles.  Students will learn, know, hear, and enjoy:  Learn about choral genres; know major composers, hear examples of genres, and enjoy listening to a wide variety of choral music.