Alumni Spotlight: Yumemi Arai

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Alumni Spotlight: Yumemi Arai data-lightbox='featured'

Yumemi Arai is a 2012 graduate of the University of South Alabama with a degree in Communication with an emphasis on Advertising. Yumemi is originally from Japan, but she came to Mobile, Alabama to study English at the English Language Center in 2008.

After graduation, Yumemi moved to New York. She is working as a Marketing and Sales Executive for Actus, a Japanese marketing agency in Manhattan. She explained that Actus provides full service support for Japanese companies to get their products into the US market by providing market research, branding, marketing, sales, logistic and accounting for them. She prepares and exhibits at the trade shows, has meetings with buyers (from small retailers to big chain stores), takes and processes orders from them. Her team also works with designers to create logos, catalogs and English packaging for each product.

She says she enjoyed her time in Mobile. She misses the people, the beaches and warm weather! She said, "NY beaches are not the same as in the South and NY winter can be so brutal sometimes!" She added, "Also people in Mobile are much nicer!"

Her advice to current students at the ELC: "Try to meet and hang out with as many people as you can and try to talk to them in ENGLISH. That will help you improve your English much faster than just taking classes, doing homework and being inside all the time. I think hanging out with friends who are not from your home country is the most fun way of learning English!"

Thanks to the friendships she made while she was at the University of South Alabama, she was able to meet people from many different countries. She learned about their cultures and says that helped to open her mind. And best of all, now she has friends all around the world to visit in her future travels!


Printed with permission from "the spot May 2017"

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