Student Spotlight: Courtney Henderson

Courtney Henderson

Meet Courtney Henderson

USA Gulf Coast Internship Academy

Courtney Henderson is an Educational Studies major working as a counselor with the City of Gulf Shores, SPARC Summer Camp. After graduating, Courtney would like to work with youth development programs. “Being at SPARC,  I’ve learned how the camp is set up and how it operates on a daily basis. I think this experience will help me to be prepared in the future by allowing me the chance to do activities with children at different grade levels. I’ve also had the chance to learn new things that will definitely enhance my skills when working with youth."

Courtney says the best part of her job is watching the children try new things. “Many of the students want to give up when they feel that something is too hard, but they overcome. I’ve learned so many things about teaching children.”

Just two weeks after beginning, Courtney has already made quite an impression. Amanda Deckard, Program Coordinator with the City of Gulf Shores, is delighted to have Courtney on board. “She has exemplary leadership skills….it is always a pleasure to have someone with Ms. Henderson’s patience and ability to learn in the program and I know she will make a valuable contribution to any organization with which she is affiliated.”

Courtney adds, “and being five miles from the beach is a bonus!”