Freshman Applications

Student smiling in front of dorms

We are so excited to be a part of your new journey here at South! Below you will find key dates and information on receiving a room assignment as a first-time freshmen. 

First-Time Freshmen for Academic Year 2020 - 2021

APPLYING BY DECEMBER 1 (First-Time Freshmen Early Assignments):

  • Highest and earliest assignment priority for First-Time Freshmen
  • Receive an assignment in one of the four freshmen community buildings on the last business day of each month
    • For example, a contract is complete on October 17, then a student will receive an assignment on October 30. (Note: if a student completes a contract at the end of a month, then they can expect an assignment at the end of the following month). 

APPLYING DECEMBER 2-APRIL 1 (First-Time Freshmen Priority Assignments): 

  • Assigned based on order of contract completion date and availability
  • Receive an assignment in one of the four freshmen community buildings by April 13.


  • If a student completes their contract on April 13 or after, then they will be assigned by Housing to an assignment based on their preferred building and current availability.


  • Must complete contract by December 1 to be eligible
  • First-time freshmen will be able to to room swap to a different room type and/or community building (based on availability).

ROOM SWAP FOR ALL: May 1-June 30

  • All students with a complete contract will be eligible to participate
  • Both first-time freshmen and continuing students (save those in Living Learning Communities) have the chance to room swap to a different room type and/or community building (based on availability).

Payments & Deadlines: Your housing and meal plan charges will be added to your student account once your assignment has been made. All University charges, including housing and meal plan charges, are typically due by the 3rd business day of the week prior to classes each semester. Visit USA's Academic Calendar to learn the exact date.