Greek Housing Community

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The Greek Housing Community is made up of nine houses for specific social Greek organizations. These organizations are: Kappa Alpha, Pi Kappa Alpha, Pi Kappa Phi, Sigma Chi, Alpha Gamma Delta, Alpha Omicron Pi, Chi Omega, Kappa Delta, and Phi Mu. A total of 180 organization members are housed in this community. Located right beside the Dining Hall (Fresh Food Co.), providing ideal additional meeting space for planning and socializing! Click here to learn the location, phone number, and hours of operation for the Greek Housing Community Office.

Greek Housing Community Quick Facts

  • Capacity: 180
  • Total Rooms: 114
  • Gender: Co-Educational
  • Classification: freshmen-graduates
  • Air Conditioning: Centralized in Sigma Chi House only. All others are individually controlled (PTAC) Controlled Unit (PTAC)
  • Floors: 2 (in each building)
  • Elevators: No
  • Room Types:
    • Room for 2
    • Large Private Room
    • Sigma Chi Private Room (community bathroom)


▼   Greek Room Rates

Alpha Gamma Delta, Alpha Omicron Pi, Chi Omega, Kappa Delta, and Phi Mu
Room for 2 = $1,157 per person/semester
Large Private Room = $2,174 per person/semester

Pi Kappa Phi
Room for 2 = $1,232 per person/semester
Large Private Room = $2,249 per person/semester

Sigma Chi
Private Room = $2,775 per person/semester

Kappa Alpha & Pi Kappa Alpha
Large Private Room = $3,050 per person/semester

* Rates are subject to change

Members living in the house are charged for the room type they are assigned to.  Room charges follow the same payment schedule as the University payment deadlines, including the 15% payment deadline.

Room rates include campus mail box, digital cable, Ethernet & wireless internet access, all utilities (electricity, water/sewer, heat/air, garbage service, and pest control) housing and facilities staff available 24/7, accommodation furnishings, and unlimited laundry access. All residence hall rooms are furnished with a bed frame (adjustable height), mattress, desk, chair, and closet or wardrobe per student. Visit our Room Furniture page for more detailed furnishings information OR review the "Features & Amenities" section below.


Policies Unique to Greek Housing

▼   A. Lease Agreement
Each organization has a lease agreement with the University to occupy the house. Organizations are required to make an annual lease payment based upon their lease agreement. Greek residential houses pay for the annual lease payment by members who contract for a living space within the house with Housing & Dining and the billing of parlor fees (see "Parlor Fees" below). All Housing & Dining policies/ community standards apply to members living in the house. Kappa Sigma is the only non-residential Greek house and is required to make their annual lease payment in two installments.
▼   B. Fall House Room Roster

Organizations are required to submit an initial fall 2019 house room roster to the Housing Business Office by May 1, 2019. A final updated roster is due on July 15, 2019. Members must participate in the fall room change process for any changes requested after the final room roster due date.

▼   C. Housing Contract
All members moving into the house are required to complete a housing contract prior to checking in or moving any contents into the house. Spring semester Greek residents living in the house for the upcoming fall semester are required to participate in the Current Resident Priority Room Selection process to complete their contract and prepayment. New fall residents may complete the contract participating in Room Selection after completing their housing contract
▼   D. Check-In
Members must go through the same check-in process as all residential students. Review our Move-In Schedule page for each semester's approved move-in dates/times. Contact the Greek Community Director 251) 460-7759 or the Housing Business Office 251) 460-6185 with any questions (Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM CST).
▼   E. Early Arrival

Fall semester early arrival approval status may be available for any active member of our 5 Greek Housing sororities (Alpha Gamma Delta, Alpha Omicron Pi, Chi Omega, Kappa Delta, or Phi Mu).

Active Members Assigned to a Sorority House (Living in the house)
Students who have an active housing contract and are assigned to 1 of the 5 sorority chapter houses will not be required to submit an early arrival request but MUST wait until the approved date for arrival/check-in. These students may also choose to check-in after the approved date. Students assigned to 1 of these 5 houses will not receive the early arrival nightly rate charge. 

Active Members Assigned to the Residence Halls (NOT living in the house)
Active sorority members who live in a residence hall MUST submit a request for early arrival. If approved, the early arrival nightly rate for these residents will be applied to their PAWS account sometime after move-in. The priority deadline for early arrival requests to be submitted is July 1.. Refer to our Early Arrival page for instructions, deadlines, and all associated charges. 

▼   F. Meal Plan Policy
Members living in Greek Housing are required to purchase a residential meal plan. Meal plan charges follow the same payment schedule as the University payment deadlines (see #5 under Financial/Payment Info on our FAQ page). Additional information on meal plans is located on the Housing Contract and on under the 'Meal Plan Rates' section of our Rates page.
▼   G. Parlor Fees

A parlor fee form is provided to each organization by the Office of Greek Life.  The form includes the due date the completed from must be returned to the Office of Greek Life and the minimum amount required to bill.  The Office of Greek Life will verify current membership for each member listed on the form.  The approved forms are sent to the Housing Business Office for enrollment verification and billing to the student account.  Parlor fees are billed during the fall and spring semesters and are due when billed.   Organizations determine which members and the amount each member is billed.  Parlor fee amounts are unique to each organization since the total amount to bill is based on the annual lease payment, the number of empty beds from the prior semester and the current balance of the organization house account.  Members should contact the organization president or the house advisor with questions or to dispute the charge.

The organization president or house advisor may email the Housing & Dining Business Manager to request to reverse a member’s parlor fee.  If approved, the charge will be removed from the student account and charged back to the organization house account.  The charge back amount must be billed in the next parlor fee billing cycle.

▼   H. Fall Move-Over Process

At the beginning of fall semester, organizations are allowed to fill vacant beds with New Members who currently live on campus (fall semester). This process is referred to as 'Fall Move-Over.' Beds that are not filled with New Members and remain vacant AFTER Fall Move-Over, will be automatically billed to the chapter via Parlor Fees.

Dates will be announced prior to OR at the beginning of the fall semester via JagMail notice to the chapter President.

The information below MUST be submitted to the Housing Assignments Coordinator via email from either the Chapter President OR Vice President, no later than the date/time specified in Fall Move-Over notices:

  • New Member’s first and last name
  • New Member’s Jag Number
  • New Member’s current room assignment (building and room number)
  • New Member’s new house room assignment (building and room number)

Eligible New Members MUST complete Room Change paperwork in the Housing Business Office (Delta Commons Room 100) during specified Fall Move-Over times BEFORE they will be allowed to pick up a room key for their new room assignment.

Students who are approved and processed to move to the Greek Community will be charged their current room rate (rate of room prior to move) for the entire semester in which the move is processed; no credit will be issued for any amount by which the previous non-Greek Housing assignment’s room charge may exceed the new Greek Housing assignment’s room charge. University housing room rent charges are due when assessed on the student account or when University fees are due for the semester. All other terms and conditions of the current housing contract will remain in effect.

*New housing contracts will be accepted at any time (new contract = a student living off-campus wanting to complete a housing contract to move on-campus).

Kappa Alpha, Pi Kappa Alpha and Sigma Chi will participate in the regular room change process (see Assignment Changes).

▼   I. Greek Housing Room Change Requests
Members who wish to change rooms within the house or out of the house may do so during the regularly scheduled housing room change request periods. Visit our Assignment Changes page to review applicable dates/times. Reminder emails will be sent to all residents' JagMail accounts prior to the period beginning.
▼   J. Greek Office Term Expiration
Members currently living in the house whose Greek office term expires at the end of the fall semester may request to cancel their housing contract. Members must submit a request to cancel housing in My USAHousing (click here for instructions). Approved cancellations must vacate by the fall housing move out day/time deadline. The $150.00 contract cancellation fee is waived as indicated within the Housing Contract Terms & Conditions.
▼   K. Spring Move-Over Process

Organizations are allowed to move over members from other University Housing assignments during the spring move-over period. Dates and requirements will be announced prior to OR at the beginning of the spring semester via JagMail notice to the chapter President.

Kappa Alpha, Pi Kappa Alpha and Sigma Chi will participate in the regular room change process (see Assignment Changes).

Fall beds vacated by graduates and select outgoing executive officers may be replaced.  It is recommended each organization plan their bed space inventory accordingly to minimize the number of empty beds for spring. Members moving in from off-campus for spring semester do not participate in move-over and will go through the normal housing contract and check-in process. The following newly elected Executive Office positions can participate in move-over:

Alpha Gamma Delta

  1. President
  2. VP Recruitment
  3. VP Scholarship
  4. VP Operations
  5. VP Campus
  6. VP Membership
  7. Property

Alpha Omicron Pi

  1. President
  2. Activities
  3. Housing Manager
  4. Keeper of Ritual
  5. New Member Educator
  6. Panhellenic Delegate
  7. Philanthropy Chair

Chi Omega

  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Membership Educator
  6. Personnel Chair
  7. Panhellenic Delegate

Kappa Delta

  1. President
  2. VP Membership Education
  3. VP Membership
  4. VP Operations
  5. VP Community Service
  6. VP Public Relations
  7. VP Standards

Phi Mu

  1. President
  2. VP Chapter Development
  3. VP Committees
  4. Treasurer
  5. Membership Director
  6. Recording Secretary
  7. Corresponding Secretary

Pi Kappa Phi

  1. Archon
  2. Vice Archon
  3. Treasurer
  4. Secretary
  5. Warden
  6. Historian
  7. Chaplain
▼   L. Unpaid Greek Charges

Greek Housing charges, including room, meal plan and parlor fees, are collected using the same process as all other housing accounts. Aged accounts will be sent two letters requesting payment by USA Housing to the member last know mailing address. The member is also sent an email (JagMail) requesting payment and a hold placed on their account. Accounts still unpaid are then sent to a third party collection agency for collections. Payment must be submitted to the collection agency once the account is in collections. Accounts that are deemed uncollectable are written off to bad debt. Members are still responsible for all charges and all University holds will remain on the account until paid in full. Organization house accounts will be charged for any Greek room charge or parlor fee written off to bad debt. The amount will need to be included in the next parlor fee billing cycle. Organizations will be given credit to the house account when payment is received from the member.

NOTE: Based on the new lease agreement, this policy will NOT apply to KA and PKA. In these organizations, the student is responsible for the charge including if written off to bad debt.

▼   M. Damages

Damages to a residential room will be charged to the member(s) living in the room. The charge is placed on the member(s)' account and is due when billed. Room damages not charged to a member account will be charged back to the house account if the damage is beyond normal wear and tear. Damages to the Greek house common areas will be charged back to the organization house account if a member/s is not charged. Damage charges assessed to the organization house account will need to be included in the next parlor fee billing cycle.

NOTE: Based on the new lease agreement, KA and PKA will not bill parlor fees but are required to submit a check.

▼   N. Greek Summer Housing

Greek houses must have a minimum of ten (10) members with a paid summer housing contract and a Resident Assistant (RA) to keep the house open for summer. A 'Full Summer 2019' housing contract must be completed by April 15, 2019. All summer residents must be enrolled for summer semester, live in the house for the full summer term and be a current active member. Members will be housed double occupancy except for the Sigma Chi house. Members who request to live in a private room will be charged the private rate and the organization will be given credit on the house account for one member only. Houses that do not meet the minimum of ten members will be closed for the summer. The Housing Business Office will notify the organizations via email if the house is closed. Members who have completed a summer housing contract and made a $150 prepayment will receive a full refund if it is determined the house will not be open for summer.

Houses closed for the summer will be locked and no entry will be allowed. Greek Advisors, House Corporation, or members may request access to the house for emergencies or on a limited basis by sending a written request to Houses will not be opened for meetings, workshops, etc. Residents of houses not open for the summer must check out 12 hours after their last examination or check out by noon on May 3, 2019, whichever comes first (Greek Housing Check-Out Guideline Review).

NOTE: Based on to the new lease agreement, Kappa Alpha and Pi Kappa Alpha houses / residential units may not be utilized during the summer semester.