Housing Student Conduct Process

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All students are expected to uphold high standards of behavior and respect the rights and privileges of others. Any residence hall student who violates USA Housing Community Standards will be subject to disciplinary action through the Housing Student Conduct Process. 

Anyone (student, guest, or University representative) may report a violation and are encouraged to do so. Reports of violations will be submitted to the Community Director for the residential community where the violation took place. Students involved in the violation will be required to meet with the Community Director, unless otherwise specified in email notification. In the event a student is involved in a violation of the Code of Student Conduct, USA Housing Community Standards, and/or has a history of repeated violations, he/she may be subject to the University Office of Student Conduct. To submit an incident report, please visit bit.ly/USAIncidentReport

The student will be informed of the charges against him/her in advance of any hearing and will be given an opportunity to be heard. This 'Notice of Charges' will be delivered via email to the student’s JagMail account, as this is the University’s designated means of communication. This written notice will be given within seven (7) business days of the report of violation, unless circumstances prevent such. Should the student fail to respond to the notice of charge the hearing may proceed in absentia or a hold may be placed on the student’s account blocking registration until compliance is met.

A. A hearing will be held to determine a student’s responsibility for an alleged community standard violation. Hearings will only be rescheduled for academic conflicts and personal emergencies that can be verified with documentation.
B. Although a student may choose to remain silent during a hearing, he/she may refute or question any evidence presented and produce witnesses or written documentation submitted on his/her behalf.
C. The outcome of the hearing will be determined solely on the documented evidence presented during the hearing.
D. After a hearing, a student may appeal the decision and/or sanctions, within three (3) business days from the date of the hearing. Please review #4 for more information regarding the appeal process.

Where the student is found responsible for a violation, sanctions will be assigned. Factors to be considered in assigning the appropriate sanctions may include, but not be limited to the following:

  1. The seriousness of the violation 
  2. Any mitigating circumstances
  3. The student’s previous conduct record
  4. Previous similar incidents

Sanctions for violations are discretionary and may include, but not be limited to, the following:

•  A written or verbal warning
•  Housing probation
•  A work required sanction
•  Learning/community service
•  Counseling
•  Restorative financial assessments
•  Administrative room change
•  Deferred housing removal
•  Eviction from the residence halls
•  Suspension or expulsion from the University

*Please note that any student removed from the residence hall by virtue of the Housing Student Conduct Process is still subject to the terms and conditions of the housing contract, and will be financially responsible for payment of the full contractual amount to USA Housing and the University.

A student may appeal a Housing Student Conduct Process finding by submitting written notice of the appeal and the grounds for appeal to the Coordinator of Residence Education (or other stipulated appeal officer) by 5:00 PM on the third business day after the hearing. Please note that some cases may be referred directly to the University Office of Student Conduct.