Move-In Process

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What is the Check-In Process Like?

Moving in to your on-campus residence hall is an exciting time for new and returning students alike. USA Housing works hard to ensure the move-in process is as simple as possible in order to help you begin settling into your new "home-away-from-home" quickly. We know that you have many questions and might be going through information overload as you get ready to move to the University of South Alabama. Use this page as a helpful guide about when and how to check in, what to bring, and what to expect. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us!

We're looking forward to seeing you on campus!

No matter when you arrive, it will be very important to know your room assignment before you do so. Follow the steps below to view your room AND roommate information (if applicable):

  1. Visit My USAHousing,
  2. Login using your Jag Number and JagMail password
  3. Select 'Housing Contract' (upper-left)
  4. Select the 'Academic Year 2019-2020' Contract Term (click 'Save & Continue')
  5. Select 'Housing Contract Status' (upper-right above Contract Menu bar)
  6. Scroll down to review your 'Room Reservation Details'
  7. Scroll further down to review your 'Occupancy Information'
  8. Click 'View Profile' to the right of your roommate's screen name (if applicable) to view their first / last name, age, JagMail address, and roommate questionnaire answers.


See below for information you need to help you check-in successfully!

  1. Before heading to campus, we encourage you to review and/or print our Move-In Map to learn the location of your assigned building, unloading zone, and vehicle travel routes.  As you arrive to campus and make your way to the residential area you can expect to be greeted by our USA Police Department who will be directing traffic. These officers control the flow of cars to the residential communities and individual residence halls. Once you are directed to approach your designated unloading zone, unload your vehicle onto the curb, and while someone stays with the belongings, please move the car to an approved parking area (see Move-In Map). This ensures that others will be able to take advantage of the same unloading zone. When you arrive to your residential community/residence hall you will be greeted by housing staff, volunteers, and student leaders who will direct you through the check-in process. You will need to have your student ID (Jag Card) and be able to provide us with your building/room assignment information. Then you will be directed to pick-up your room key where a staff member will explain how to complete your check-i, including your electronic 'Check-In Room Inspections' (online in My USAHousing). Along the way, you may be assisted by move-in volunteers (based on availability) who will help you move in your belongings. 
  2. Fall 2019 Check-In: Saturday (8/17) - 8 AM to 1 PM. If you need to arrive after than time/date, please contact Housing ( before 1 PM to ensure your room assignment is kept.
  3. Students who move in AFTER 1 PM ON SATURDAY are asked to check in at their Community Office. You can click here to find the contact number and locations.

Student ID's will be required at Check-In (Jag Card)